Movie Review: The Details(2011)



wit1Laura Linney(Lila) brought crazy spinster neighbour to a new screaming high!  How could the life of a young, smart, doctor, Jeff Lang(Tobey Maguire)  with a young family get into so much trouble? Apparently he could, single-handedly. It started off with his backyard racoon problems, and a serious dry spell with his wife, Nealy Lang(Elizabeth Banks).Things were up and then down. This film has some original plots, dialogues, and some really awesome acting;a comedy coated with hearts, and lots of surprises.LOTS! 

Opening scene, Jeff lays out the details vital to the story. It wants you to connect the dots,of course. So it does. It starts off as a typical romantic comedy with young couple having the usual relationship problem, i.e., young kid becomes the focus, and no sex. They are planning for the next baby, hence an extension to their house for the nursery.  To avoid having permit problem, he spoils his neighbour, Lila, with gifts and caring.

Lincoln(Dennis Haysbert) is a causal friend with Jeff, who plays basketball together. He is also on dialysis. Then there is Peter Mazzoni(Ray Liotta), a restaurant owner from Jersey, and his wife Rebecca Mazzoni(Kerry Washington), who is a psychotherapist and a friend of Jeff. Jeff talks about his internet cheating problem with Rebecca.

Here were the amazing scenes: Lila shows his dead cat,Matthew, to Jeff; Jeff shares a bud with Rebecca in her husband’s vintage Mercedes; Peter and Jeff’s meeting; Jeff and Nealy’s confessions; Lincoln and Lila rendez-vous…just too many to mention.

Sure it had this metaphysical tone to it, you could tread it lightly and enjoy the comedic part of it (really the actors pull it off).

WATCH…a bit dark, but can be enlightening.


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