Movie Review: Fantastic Mr.Fox (2009)



wit1What a FANTASTIC film! Anyone who doesn’t like it should…if anyone, that is.  AH-MAZing animation, Wes Anderson’s impeccable storytelling, and superb voice-over by some big name superstars makes this a must-watch film! I admit I dismissed it even with my best friend’s recommendation to see it when it was out, I said to him,” it’s just another one of those puppet shows…, nah, pass!”.  Well, redemption is never too late, isn’t it? First the puppets were totally transformed into true-to-life creatures, and second with voices for Mr. Fox(George Clooney), Mrs. Fox (Meryl Streep), Kylie(Wallace Wolodarsky), Badger (Bill Murray) transcended these characters as if they were true actors, made this a classic in my library vault. 

This is obviously meticulously put together, and the most amazing part of watching it, or any great films for that matter, is wondering and imagining how the filmmaker put them all together seamlessly. The story should be familiar to most, as it is based on the children book written by Roald Dahl.

In the opening scene, we know Mr.Fox is a sleek, clever, charming fellow, with his perfect coiffed suit, and his slim-fit pantaloons wear perfectly to show off his pointy toes. Beside him is his domestic, foxy wife no less with perfect sweater, and an apron wrapped around the tiniest waist. At the top of the hill under a tree, they are planning for their last heist, which they successfully escape. Following that their son, Ash, is born. Mr. Fox is unhappy to be in a hole for the rest of his life, he buys some real estate that his lawyer, Badger, advises against. Mr. Fox’s view outside of the treehouse is the beginning of all problems: nature vs. nurture.

Good loveable, plausible, and memorable characters are truly the most important ingredients of any good films. Here we certainly have more than one. We want to see how Mr.Fox out smart himself throughout the whole ordeal; we want to see how the slightly thick Kylie not to get into trouble; we want to see how Ash is trying hard to live to his father’s glory; we want to see Mrs. Fox tries to domesticate her husband, but loves him enough to let him be him; we want to see how parents always prefer others’ kids, cousin Kristofferson(Eric Chase Anderson)… Oh yes, and there was the rat security(Willem Dafoe) with foldable knife.

Moreover, the facial expressions were no less lacklustre in the puppets than it would with real human actors! we quickly shared their joy, predicament, and pain: Kylie’s daze, Ash’s disappointment, Mr. Fox’s triumphs…

Less talk, and go

WATCH… another mesmerizing marvellous artwork by Wes Anderson.


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