Movie Review: Trance(2013)



sitWorking too hard to make it original. The story was just unnecessarily complicated from esteemed director,Danny Boyle. It was obvious that the story had to do with someone in trance, i.e.,  real world vs. dream world, and as usual the audience need to decide when is what. It was clever to make it into a story that it was imperative that repressed memory needed to be recovered, cause money, a lot, was at stake. The therapist is Elizabeth(Rosario Dawson) and the one holds the important information is Simon(James McAvoy).

Simon works for the auctioneer of fine arts that a painting easily sells for millions of dollars; Simon also has a gambling problem. So he works out a deal with some thugs to steal a Goya’s painting. The opening scene tells us in the old days thugs just did it without excuse and in broad daylight, but today, security is so tight that nothing should ever happen. Happen it does, with the help of Simon from the inside.

Franck(Vincent Cassel) is the lead thug; Simon cheats him and hides the stolen painting. He needs to retrieve the painting through Simon’s memory.

Basically the next hour and half I spent watching was to find out what really happened.  I did, it was a perfectly woven story that made perfect sense, but I sure won’t have problem forgetting it by choice.  

The film title might as well have been  She, the hypnotist!

SKIP…it was so soothing, I wonder if I was in a trance while watching it.


3 thoughts on “Movie Review: Trance(2013)

  1. I was too annoyed by this one to put in a trance watching it. Especially because hypnotism is not this powerful. And such a crime could not realistically be completed. And the performances are all meh.

    So yeah. This one deserves a . .. Skip rating. But I think I like it even less than you do. 🙂


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