Movie Review: Les Infidèles (2012) / The Players (2014)



wit1Balanced sketches of those must cheat in their relationships. Other than making this just one big farce about infidelity, this had eight sketches knitted successfully together, some explored how pathetic their actions could be,  others the danger they might run into, and most just downright funny. This was a project of Jean Dujardin (Oscar winner- The Artist)Gilles Lellouche, et al., au style Paris, je t’aime (2006), with a taste of French open sexuality.

Dujardin and Lellouche could have been brothers, they looked every much alike, perhaps purposely that both wearing a nine o’clock shadow too. The nice thing was that their bonding translated onto the screen telling us that they were really good buddies together. At least one covered the other’s derrière in front of his wife, and that infuriated the wife, “You just have answer to every question, don’t you!?” Even they were married, one with kid, they hit the bar and hooked up with chicks and shared a hotel room for an evening of wide rides on the sofa and in bed, while all the time talking to each other: inseparable.

As the last scene dimmed, a new started Lellouche (another character) was now in hospital, a physician was checking his general health, asking questions about this and that, this was filmled at a distance, as the camera moved to a close-up, it quickly panned to the entrance of the hospital doors, in came the wife… Lellouche had been in a standing position for two hours naked waist-down…

The two scenes that were more in-depth and traditional was one with Lellouche played a dentist who was obsessed with a young pretty student, Clara Ponsot, who was more a manipulator than a lover. The tired chase in a day of his life ended up bloody. The other one was between Dujardin and his wife, Alexandra Lamy; it explored the consequences of truthfulness:explosive. 

In the mix there were two very funny super short scenes that would make you LOL! One dealt with an afternoon affair, and the other about MILF and S&M.

To tie it like a bow with all cast members, it was clever that all the cheaters went to the same AA meeting, and with the only female therapist.

The last sketch tied back to the beginning where Dujardin and Lellouche (both married-reminder) decided to take action instead of just talks; they went to Vegas for the girls. What an audacious ending? I didn’t see it coming. I suspect there will be some editing for the US release, so if you can and curious get the original version.

WATCH…Dujardin and Lellouche have amazing chemistry together.


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