Movie Review: 360 (2013)



Choices and consequences. Fork in the road, do you take it? which way? will you end up in a ring ? The theme was nothing new, as the writer,  Peter Morgan pointed out  in the supplemental, he followed the logical connection as if there were an outbreak; in other words, how a person’s action influenced that of another’s. It means this film, if you choose to watch, is not about the ends of the characters, but mostly the starting of a process they will face. Similar to what I reviewed last week, Belle de Jour, it is about the possibility: what could have. 

The highest tension of this film was about half-way into it.  The short story involves a Brazilian girl, Laura(Maria Flor), whose hunky boyfriend, Rui(Juliano Cazarré) is having an affair with a woman she snapped photos to prove. She is leaving him and heading home to Rio from London. That woman is Rose(Rachel Weisz), whose husband, Michael Daly(Jude Law) arranged to meet a prostitute, Mirka(Lucia Siposová), in Vienna while he was at a conference. Laura, heart-broken in the flight to Denver for a connection to Miami, meets and becomes friend with John(Anthony Hopkins), whose daughter has been missing, and he still has hope to find her…alive. On board is a released sex-offender, Tyler(Ben Foster), and his decision will be the tipping point of this whole film. Tyler and Laura eventually meet, she is drunk, and he is anxious, they end up in her hotel room because of flight delay.

I am glad the film ended with a romantic interlude: Sergei(Vladimir Vdovichenkov) married young, whose wife is a dental assistant, Valentina(Dinara Drukarova), and he is a pimp, arranging girls to meet clients, who pick them on the internet.  One day, his boss(Mark Ivanir), wants to find out who is competing with his business. Sergei arranges for the competition’s top star, Mirka, to meet with the boss. While waiting down on the street, he meets a young girl, Anna(Gabriela Marcinková), a Slovenia and Sergie is Russian, and they both love to read. They ride away to destiny unknown, and they both look happy! THE  END.

Of course, I purposely keep it vague, but enticing, of what actually happens so that you will give this a chance. I like the all European cast making the stories authentic, and the characters engaging.

WATCH …that suspenseful scene between Laura and Tyler will put you on edge, and it has a second layer meaning that deals with John (the story could have been a film on its own).

P.S. I take it the film’s title also challenges the symbolic meaning of  the wedding ring: eternity.




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