Movie Review:Don Jon(2013)



Genuine, thoughtful, and intimate. Written, directed,and acted by Joseph Gordon-Levitt was a story as down-to-earth as the actors were. The only hyped sensation was it took place in New Jersey, the Garden State, perhaps to animate the dialogues with the accent, and it was a success. I guess arts imitating life au style Jersey Shore (2009), luckily only to the extent the way the actors acted and talked, i.e., excluding the drama. I love the scene that brought out an irony that I had never thought about, which was how people had their own fairy tale in their head, and what they use to reinforce that tale. The only thread between the two was that neither one was real, but both were addictive. That scene between Scarlett Johansson’s Barbara and Levitt’s Jon during the nasty discovery was amazing; Johansson rocked, and so did Levitt.

The story is about a young hot guy in his early twenties, and the world is about scoring and getting laid: the modern-day Don Juan. What is missing is the women in porn out-perform the real women, what gives? He has more satisfaction “rubbing one out” with porn even after having sex with the lady. As bizarre as it seems to him,  he just can’t shake the habit, even after he meets his dream girl, Barbara.

Barbara plays her guy, keeps him close, teases him, and eventually the devil horns start to show: control. She loves sappy romantic stories as much as Jon’s porn. Their relationship starts to grow, but one day, instead of finding his stack like the old days, she finds his history cache of porn in his browser…

Esther(Julianne Moore)  is sort of Jon’s enlightenment. An older classmate of Jon that hits off, and hits deep. A bit cliché, but not overtly examining cougar’s love here. In other words, more organic, it happens.

Monica(Brie Larson)probably speaks volume, despite she txts during the entire film.

WATCH…Levitt is one of those rare kid-stars that will have a great career.


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