Movie Review: Only Lovers Left Alive(2013)



Life must be dull, tired, jaded, when you are one of the living dying breeds that has lived centuries in many after sunset hours. Key to survival is simple: seclusion, remain fabulous, and keep collecting objets desirés. What you will get is a film that looks good! It was not so much about the story, but it was the characters who illuminated the scenes, despite the literal darkness of the world they manoeuvred in. There were lots of references of artists over the centuries all the way to the 17th, cause they lived through them, inspired a few, befriended with many, competed with several. An endearing romantic affair that will live on with their dark sarcasm.

Adam(Tom Hiddleston) married Eve (Tilda Swinton) in the 17th century. Adam now lives in the bankrupted Detroit, where things once were. In deep of the night, streets are empty, and buildings are dark and void, Adam loves driving his vintage Jaguar in the weird hours of the morning before the sun rises. Eve lives in Tangier, a coastal town with yachts, sloped narrow streets, convoluted dark alleys, and shadowy vendors always want to sell, “Psst, I have what you need…come”. Eve indulges in literature, and Adam music.

Ian(Anton Yelchin) is Adam’s loyal supplier, he can get him anything that he needs, including a bullet made of the densest wood in the world. He is in the music industry, who keeps persuading Adam to make his appearance to the crowd that so admire his craft. Adam refuses. In disguise as Dr. Faust, Adam goes to Dr.Watson(Jeffrey Wright)for his cannisters of the good stuff.

Eve has a sister, Ava(Mia Wasikowska), she is family; so Eve needs to take care of her despite of all those stupid teen’s antics. Ava lives in L.A., the “Zoombie Central”, and is on an unplanned visit to Adam’s. The time they live in now is marred with contamination, which means their supply of clean blood is limited.

Marlowe(John Hurt) is Eve’s best friend. Indeed, the Marlowe, he is dying when the French doctor can no longer supply him with the good stuff. This will mean the same for Adam and Eve, eventually.

Only Lovers Left Alive is no doubt the antithesis to such popular vampires show as head-choking, guts-hanging, blood-sticking True Blood, or films like the sun-glittering, stuffy bureaucratic, sappily sweetTwilight saga, and the woman-power Underworld. 

Swinton is fabulous as always, but then whoelse can compete with that pale face and slinky phsyique for the role?

WATCH…it has that je ne sais quoi!


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