Movie Review: À Bout Portant /Point Blank (2012)



Go for the thrills like riding in a rollercoaster and forget about the mechanics of how it works. French director and writer’s name, Fred Cavayéwill probably ring a bell if you have seen the US adaptation of his hit French movie,  Pour Elle/Anything for Her(2008),  The Next Three Days(2010) with Russell Crowe  in the lead role. A Bout Portant followed the similar format and rationale: a crisis in a day of an original man, soaked in adrenalin. In other words, imagine a layman version of Jason Stathamwho knows no martial arts, is not a hitman, nor works for any special branch…in this case, a husband, nurse-intern, Samuel Pierret(Gilles Lellouche) is trying to save his very pregnant wife, Nadia Pierret(Elena Anaya), from her kidnapper, even it means he has to kill, kick, run, jump, roll, punch…I liked Lellouche in Les Infidèles (2014), and the same with A Bout Portant: French new action/comedy star?! 

Samuel works in the hospital, studying for his exams and working night shift. A guy, Hugo Sartet(Roschdy Zem) survives a motorcycle crash is under his supervision. An alarm goes off, Sam goes to check on the patient, and sees and alerts a shadow, who escapes from the sickbed. Hugo is gasping for air…Sam needs to decide to go after the intruder or save the life of his patient.

Sam’s wife, Elena,  is due for delivery, but she has troubles. She is staying home until the baby is born. On a regular afternoon, they are just about to have lunch. Sam is in the kitchen hears Elena’s scream, he rushes out to the living room, and falls to the floor. He has been hit, knocked unconscious.

He wakes up and Elena disappears. A cell phone rings. He answers and hears, “We have your wife…bring Sartet to us.”

Sartet is a wanted felon the police just identifies.

In the news, a wealthy businessman was killed a day before, and the police is looking for suspects.

Sam is now desperate to locate his pregnant wife, he will do whatever he needs to to keep his wife and unborn safe.

The rollercoaster starts immediately when Sam gets to the hospital to take Sartet to the location where he will find his wife…from there situations just arise: deal with it.

There was a political aspect to the story, and I cannot comment about it cause I don’t live in Paris, but it was in-line with the universal theme of dirty cops. The infighting was fierce, ruthless, and chaotic. I wonder how much of it was real.

WATCH…put yourself in that hot mess, will you be Sam?!  Punch your way through and hope for the best. 



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