Movie Review: Anchorman2 – The Legend Continues (2013)



The jokes were too artificial for me, even for those subliminal telepromt-ed laughs. I understood all the references and what it was trying to make fun of, i.e, the era of non-politically correctness, but for me it was too crude, and a bit forced. If you watch it, because there is a big comedians united scene that probably was the only highlight of this film. 

Ron Burgundy(Will Ferrell)is back, and now has a kid with Veronica Corningstone(Christina Applegate). Mack Tannen(Harrison Ford) the owner of the network fires the worst anchor in history, it happens to be Ron. In his replacement, the first White female anchor, Veronica. They divorce, and Ron becomes an alcoholic.

A 24/7 network is about to debut in 2 weeks. Ron gets the gig as the anchor for the graveyard’s shifts: 2 a.m. and 5 a.m. He recalls all his buddies for the show: Brian Fantana(Paul Rudd), Brick Tamland(Steve Carell), Champ Kind(David Koechner). Primetime belongs to Jack Lime(James Marsden).  The COO is Linda Jackson(Meagan Good),  an African-America, or “Black”, female executive (ha, ha, those days, eh!)… and the owner of the new network is Aussie, Kench Allenby(Josh Lawson), who also owns an airline (lol, foreign owner, as expected, who also does not know the news business, but money).

As predictable a story can be, Veronica is a serious journalist, and Ron is now in a rating war with Jack, the preppy-all-look-no-substance kinda guy. Ron’s boss gets excited, literally, when Ron’s show breaks out. Ron is uncomfortable having an “interracial relationship”… la-di-da.

Brick finally finds a girl he likes, Chani Lastnamé(Kristen Wiig):  yuk, not funny! Coneheads are funny when they are coneheads, and Brick and Chani weren’t!

As I said earlier, all comedians descended for one big scene that perhaps was the only thing good to watch…and it’s no rolling tears LOL either.

SKIP… unless you are a Ron Burgundy’s fan!

P.S. 75% Tomatometer? maybe I am missing some inside jokes.


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