A-B Movie Review: Homefront (2013)



It’s a no-brainer! Drug, biker gang, revenge, undercover, witness protection, meth lab, small town, young daughter, drug addicts, local drug lord,… screenplay written by Sylvester Stallone Here are the crayons, and here is the picture with numbers, now colour it! 

Jason Statham is our, expected, tough guy, Phil Broker. Statham; actions; delivered. We have seen his tenderness back to The Transporter(2002), so nothing was changed here, same face, same tone, same sentiment.

Broker works for the DEA as undercover, after a major meth-lab bust, he is in hiding in some small town Louisiana, with his daughter, Maddy(Izabela Vidovic). She gets into trouble with a classmate, who brings in the skinny mom in rage, Cassie(Kate Bosworth). You can tell right away, don’t mess with this one. Her brother, “Gator”(James Franco), the local drug lord owns the town, and orders some thugs to take care of Broker. Big, big, big mistake!

Amazingly and delighted to see Gator’s girlfriend, Sheryl(Winona Ryder). The Winona Ryder, r u kidding me! played an ex-biker chick. So the gameplan between Gator and Sheryl is to go big, f**k local, let’s go national, and we need distribution network: the biker gang that Sheryl was part of two years ago. The big picture…it is the same gang that Broker busted.

Plot was decent, acting decent, location decent … entertainment, decent.

SKIP…I watched this because it was free.



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