Movie Review: Under The Skin (2013)



Eerie. Haunting. Sexy. Humanistic?  The aftertaste will linger on, the imagery will carry on, and its eerie synthesized tempos will stay on to remind you the short journey of an alien on earth. The human hunter became the hunted by human. Gladly, the film was grounded in a time/space one could relate to, unlike others that were minimalistic, abstract and ridiculous. In other words, its approachability will encourage one to find out more about this alien and its terminus. The real time/space was in Scotland, despite the fact that one would have a hard time understanding any conversations, the brilliancy was that one didn’t have to, the actions would compensate. The seduction scenes with the black goo were like watching choreographed modern dance pieces. 

Spoiler Alert!

Opening scene: lights, circular objects, sounds… a speeding motorcycle on a desolated highway. It stops at a pre-destined location. A lifeless female body is carried out of a wooded area into a van. Inside the van is bright, white and spacious with no ends. A woman lies motionless, her clothes are being taken off and now worn by an alien(Scarlett Johansson) of same form and shape.

The alien starts cruising the streets, inviting young lads to get in its van offering a ride to their destinations. Those invited to its lair enter a narrow dark hallway, and as they strut behind the feminine swagger, they descend into a pool of dark black molasses, while it walks on above. The victims are being processed.

It would have been boring if we visited the same scenario over and over again, but it didn’t. We started to understand the alien was developing feelings for its victims. It led one escape; however, its cleaner got the best of him.

For reasons unknown, nor instructions provided, it attempts to be more human-like. It appreciates the female form it inhabited, and even attempts to make love with a guy it picks up on the bus. Its emotions get more complicated, from fearless and flirtatious, it becomes fearful and vulnerable.

The ending was primal and couldn’t be more human in its depiction!






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