Movie Reviews: Ender’s Game(2013); The Wolverine (2013)

Busted blockbusters, high on effects, empty in narrative.



Ender Wiggin(Asa Butterfield)is a miserable prodigy that wins the head of Colonel Graff(Harrison Ford); he believes Ender is The One that will destroy their enemy (Alien bugs). Ender is also a smart-ass, who disobeys orders, challenges authority, outsmarts its opponents that earns him a star as the fleet commander. Despite his aloofness, he is sensitive, especially to his enemy as if he could read their mind. Col. Graff tricks him into winning the last battle, but he feels deceived.  He wants to make things right again…

There was a disjoint between the “old” actors and the “young” actors, at no time I felt there was any connection between them. Butterfield sour-face was a bit of a put-off, he never showed a content face, not ever an evil grin,…he was angry?! I got it that he was a nerd, but it didn’t mean they were all grim and angry. Anyway, the whole point was the team was underdogs and they won. The old geeks could live longer.

SKIP…may appeal to those under 10.



Logan(Hugh Jackman) wants to end his life, he sees no point of carrying on. He is seeking solitude in the cave dreaming of Jean(Famke Janssen), who urges him to join her. Logan picks fight at a local bar of rednecks, one of them killed a majestic brown bear with a poison arrow, cause he is mad. Yukio(Rila Fukushima) has been spying on Logan is now slashing their victims with her 100 year-old samurai swords. Limbs fall apart as sword goes back into its holster. Japan awaits Logan.

Yashida Industries is a big corporation, and its owner is dying, he wants Wolverine re-generative power. Viper(Svetlana Khodchenkova) is a venomous mutant, she plants a nano-spider reducing Wolverine power to repair his wounds, so that he can be captured and his power transferred to Yashida.

The grand-daughter Mariko(Tao Okamoto)is kidnapped at his granddad’s funeral, it becomes Logan immediate goal to rescue and save her … love her…

Another fight scene on top of a speeding train (how many we have seen already?!), it was exciting enough. Many more chase scenes in the city of Japan…

SKIP…used to like Wolverine; not any more. Boooring!



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