Movie Review: Edge of Tomorrow(2014)



A video game without the use of a dual shock controller.  There were movie adaptations of video game that failed, and there were movies that made to feel like video games; Edge of  Tomorrow could have been made by one of the biggest video game production firms, it probably would not have made a difference: Ellen Page in Between Two Souls. My point is  that for some, the movie may seem original, but for most, especially those who play video games, it is nothing but a recollection of their amateur years of shooting enough aliens to be rewarded with a clip of movie-like video in between to explain the plot. However, I have to say, despite it all, that only humans can make jokes, and no animations can mimic human subtle expressions of joy, sadness, and fear.

Major Cage (Tom Cruise), the PR machine of the United Defense Forces(UDF), has been demoted  and ordered to combat on the front line in Verdun, France. He dies a lot after trying to survive his first combat with an alien species, the Mimics. After many trials and errors, he finds Rita(Emily Blunt), an elite fighter who has killed a lot of mimics to earn her reputation, as part of his strategy to stay alive longer. They seem to share a common bond, and understand each other. Rita takes on the duty to train Cage. As Cage gets more efficient, he advances with Rita on his side. The endgame is to destroy the alien network (I bet you know what that means!).

This was an entertaining movie, no part was drawn out too long to make it boring, the pace was quick, many parts were funny(like those while playing you would say,”Are you kidding me?!!! %*#%#!!!!”), and the ending was satisfactory. One thing though, I didn’t think the 3-D was effective.



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