A-B Movie Review: Killer Joe (2011)



Texan trailer-park family at its worst, but best for voyeuristic consumptions. Definitely not suitable for children, even some adult may find it repulsive. It may give you chill next time you order the family bucket deal at K Fry C. A dysfunctional family that its members are at least honest with each other!  The son constantly berated his father, the daughter knew her stepmom was cheating, the father silently admitted that he was dumb, and the stepmom was deviant. They all agreed to kill the father’s ex-wife, the children’s mother, and cash in her insurance policy.

Joe(Matthew McConaughey) is a daytime cop detective, and a moonlighting contract killer. McConaughey was back in his dark element, anyone remembers him in 2001’s Frailty? This film will certainly show you how far he can go. Chris(Emile Hirsch) is a trouble young man, owing money to the drug boss, and dislikes both parents, but he has a strange attachment to his sister, Dottie(Juno Temple). Chris works with his dad, Ansel(Thomas Haden Church), in a garage, and has no respect for his old man. Ansel is a typical middle-age man who just wants a cool bottle of beer and nothing beyond. His current wife, Sharla(Gina Gershon), is a waitress at a local pizza joint. She has been fooling around and taking and collecting dirty hard-core hard-copy selfies and admiring them. Adele, the biological mom, Ansel’s ex-wife is no better, a drunk.

Chris is desperate for money. He gets everyone in the family to agree to hire Joe to kill his mom, Adele, cause she has an insurance policy that is worth $50k, with Dottie as the beneficiary…so they think.

If you like straight forward what-you-see-is-what-you-get type of film, then you gotta watch this. McConaughey’s Joe was borderline psychotic, but with his southern charm intact! Hirsch’s Chris was decent, but perhaps a bit too one-dimension: troubled. If he had been as psychotic as Joe, it would have been an interesting chess game between the two. If that’s the case, I think Giovanni Ribisi would have been a better choice for the role.

Temple’s Dottie was definitely seductive with that sweet child innocence that would make anyone uncomfortable, and wonder if she was at age for her acts. Church’s Ansel was comedic and probably hit bullseye for his character. Gershon’s Sharla’s final act would give new meaning to K Fry C chicken thigh! (Hint: finger-licking-sucking-good)

The opening scene between Chris and Sharla probably gave away how dysfunctional and morally corrupted the family really was! (i.e., watch it to find out)

Although I wrote it off as too far-out at my first seating half-way through, I forgot what drew me to put the dvd back and watched the whole movie again. I think it was to find out who Sharla was sleeping with! and I was glad that I did, cause that turned out to be crucial to the plot.

WATCH… it will become one of the memorable films you have ever seen.


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