Movie Review: Non-Stop(2014)



Whodunit at 40,000 ft. Everyone was a suspect. 150 people on board, and crew and pilots. Who plotted to bring the plane down? Liam Neeson is our current reigning action hero for the baby boomers. This was another one of his action packed roles mixed in with the usual sentiment of being a single parent. There was quite a list of well known actors supporting this project: Julianne Moore, pre-Oscar Lupita Nyong’o, Lady Mary-Michelle Dockery, Law & Orders-Linus Roache,… Nesson is US Marshall on board a non-stop flight from NY to London, and he is the prime suspect of hijacking the plane, because of his shady boozing habit. The thrill is imagining if you were in such claustrophobic environment, and sh** happened? what would you do?   

Opening scene: Nesson’s Bill parks his car at the upper level of an empty lot. He pours half of cup full of whiskey into his stale paper cup, he looks at a picture of his daughter, and downs the whiskey. He gets clearance at the security checkpoint. Few people try to chat up with him, but he remains in his world. He boards the plane buckles up to one of the business class chaisses, beside him is nosey Jen(Moore).

The action starts as soon as the plane takes off. Bill receives a threatening txt on his private phone that is supposed to be on a secured network between him and TSSA. The threat: someone will die in 20 minutes, we want money!

So with that setup, this is nothing but our familiar game of the 85’s Clue, except Bill needs to reduce 150+ people to one, or he just has to keep up with his own charade until he gets the money. He then needs also to plan for his escape in air or on land.

Surprisingly the plot held together quite well, and there was no dull moment to spare. Sure, in hindsight, you may find some of the events were quite improbable, but then…, I guess because I do take long non-stop flight annually, and I do hate to be cramped in a small space, so this may resonant with me more than others. Nonetheless, Nesson kept it interesting for the most part, and did a great job to make you suspect everyone, including Jen and even flight attendant, Nancy(Dockery).

WATCH…an unexpected enjoyable ride!

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2 thoughts on “Movie Review: Non-Stop(2014)

  1. Kept me in the dark enough so that I could definitely not have a single clue as to whom the bad person was, or for what reasons. Sure, it was dumb when I eventually found out, but at least it kept me tense for the time being. Nice review.


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