Movie Review: That Awkward Moment(2014)



Bearable millennial’s love stories, with unbearable fast-pace talks that most of the time I’d not have understood a thing if I didn’t have subtitle turned on. Two college buddies pledge to stay close and never get serious and fall in love, until cupid hit them with titanium arrows. This was a Hollywood’s pre-quel to all those divorce and separation movies of couples in their 30s to 70s…this one would have great flashback clips for them.

Zac Efron should pay attention to the wisdom of Rob Lowe: Lowe’s pretty face handicapped him! My point is that Efron is truly camera-attractive in most of the films that he did. Acting-wise, he is still a frat boy, but at least youth is on his side, and I think he is being smart and bankrolling his advantage while he still can. So, Efron’s Jason is the lead here obviously, handsome twenty something who can bed any woman he wants, he already has a regular FwB, but he will  dump any new girl as soon as they utter, “So…”

On the other hand, his buddy, Daniel(Miles Teller), has  a wing-woman, Chelsea(Mackenzie Davis), they work in tandem to help each other score and get laid. The third buddy, Mikey(Michael B. Jordan), rejoins the pack after he divorces from wife, Vera(Jessica Lucas), who was cheating on him. 

Nothing was really out of the ordinary with this film, and I would argue it might be another propaganda for family value: get married soon, and have babies, cause it’s good for you! With this preamble, you probably know how the story goes and ends.

Let’s continue. Ellie(Imogen Poots) is at one end of a bar the four go all the time, she is eyeing Jason, and is rudely interrupted by a preppy geeky guy, who wants to buy her a drink. Jason goes, kinda, for the rescue, and voilà...

Daniel and Chelsea follows the classic theme of When Harry Met Sally… (1989).

Mikey also plays out the cliché that he still loves his wife, and she must still love him, perhaps a little, and everything will be ok again…

In other words, if these actors didn’t compliment each other and from time to time sprinkled with jokes and humour here and there, this wouldn’t have made it.


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