Movie Review: Gravity (2013)



July 1, 2014: Update
Now that the 3D was out the way, I could pay attention to the script and performances. It certainly gave me a much better appreciation of both. In other words, watch it at least once. It’s warming up as one of the best films I have ever since. The supplementary with the DVD would blow your mind how the CGI was done…beyond words.


IF we were in space, we would not hear the buzz of how good, or great this film were. Cause there was no sound in space- sound does not travel in a vacuum- so explained in the title sequence with beautiful blue visible topographical Mother Earth in the background. This film was visually stunning, especially when engulfed in IMAX 3D. Although I empathised Dr. Stone’s (Sandra Bullock) anxiety; I did not taste the umami WOW when I left the theater. I will leave it as is, cause at 97% TM (Tomatoemeter), you really need to draw your own conclusion.   

The story. There isn’t one. The film is all about visceral entanglement of “Are you  serious? enough already!” folding in the most beautiful cinematography I have ever seen so far. But then I might not have said that if I had seen Space Station 3D (2012). Yes, I think too much, and analyze too many things, which means I should just LET IT GO! Here, I just tell you the non-story story.

Perhaps I ought to copyright this: “You think you have a bad day, I feel Gravity!”

And George Clooney is Captain Kowalski.

WATCH… it is entertaining.


9 thoughts on “Movie Review: Gravity (2013)

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    • In agreement with yours too. I am sure it will get at least an Oscar for Cinematography. Read a few reviews, critics were all jumping on it because of its small budget; votes for the small guys (vs. big studios), I guess. Cheers.


      • Cinematography seems very possible.

        I’d be surprised if it doesn’t receive a slew of other nominations as well – Sound Design, Sound Editing, Editing, Visual Effects, Picture, Director, Actress, maybe even Score … all seem like possibilities.


        • That one is certainly receiving a great deal of buzz as well. I tried catching it this weekend, but the show was sold out. I’ll see it another time, but as yet do not have an opinion which one’s better.


        • I will read your review then. I just think that last year’s Django Unchained had already covered the topic fairly well. But McQueen is a great director, love his “Shame”, couldn’t stomach “Hunger”. Cheers.


        • From the trailers, I get the feeling 12 Years is more similar to Roots than Django. But we’ll see. I know I’m looking forward to seeing it, whatever the case.


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