Movie Review: Her(2013)



An original piece of cinematic theorem on human relationship: present and near future. This film was more than what it seemed to be in the trailer: lonely man felt in love with a voice lives in a cloud server. It will provoke you to think about the meaning of a relationship; therefore, it means you have to be open to the concept it is trying to convey: how others make one feels? is it only physical? or is it emotional? or it has to be both?  You will not like this if you carry the notion that boy meets girl, girl gets pregnant, boy and girl become mom and dad, kids grow up, mom and dad retire and live happily ever after. In other words, your presumption will greatly influence your viewing experience. 

Theodore(Joaquin Phoenix) is a melancholy letter writer that one would describe him as a Senser under Myers-Briggs test. His separated wife, Catherine(Rooney Mara) sees that as his weakness, while people at work praise his ability to empathise  as strength. It seems like overtime, a once overlooked trait become a bother to her(sounds familiar?…”oh, that’s adorable..(2 years past)…could you stop doing that? it’s disgusting!”).

In near future, our daily life is managed automatically by an OS that thinks like human, an executive assistant. She or he arranges your schedule, wakes you up personally, organises your emails,… reads them and priortises for you,… the best of all, she can take over the awkward conversation of a real sexchat. Her name is Samantha(Scarlett Johansson).

The OS is very intelligent, it evolves and learns far faster than any human can, and they start to comprehend human emotions, eventually develop their own: the turning point.

This film examines the nuances perhaps we all have experienced: the endurance of a 24/7 relationship. Theodore’s best friend, Amy(Amy Adams) is finally fed up with her husband’s constant condescending remarks, they separate as well.

The most intriguing part of this film is also looking from the point of view of an evolving individual, namely the OS. Eventually, they seek their independent.

Phoenix deserved an Oscar nomination, and Johansson should have hers as well. She really did make the OS alive!

WATCH…why do you want to miss this philosophical query?


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