Movie Review: Lucy(2014)




Hollywood stars: checked; car chase: checked; gun fights:checked; made belief meaningful plot: checked. Lucy was a beautifully choreographed fast-pace thriller with documentary type background to give it meanings. Without the backdrop, it would have been another human time-bomb film replacing Jason Statham , Crank(2006), with Scarlett Johansson. In other words, a drug induced frantic time-limiting run to the finish line: A sequel if the lead lives, no-sequel to follow- she dies.

I was disappointed with Luc Besson’s The Family last year, but Lucy was better, but still didn’t top his The Fifth Element (1997) for me. Lucy is another one of Besson’s heroines fighting a pure men cast.

Lucy is studying in Taiwan, who cares what, she parties hard at night and in the morning, her boyfriend asks her to deliver a briefcase to Mr. Jang that stays in a posh hotel. After minutes of struggle, she is being forced to go in and speaks with the front desk attendant.

We knew nothing good would follow.

She is now scoped up to a fancy suite, where she sees two sets of bloody legs by the door of a bedroom…

No mystery here, Mr.Jang(Min-sik Choi) is a Korean drug lord, who cares why he is in Taiwan, and he wants Lucy and 3 others to smuggle a new drug cross the pacific…Instead of the usual body cavity (limited space), each package needs to be surgically implanted in the tummy.

Lucy is transported to another location, her captor kicks her and part of the package breaks and dissolves. Her mental capability grows because of the drug.

This is the part you must stop reasoning with the plausibility of the plot; otherwise, you will just get frustrated. A lot of things didn’t make sense for sure, and it didn’t have to, because this was a fantasy, almost the same logic applied if it were a comic character.

Johansson has been taking on action roles since her Black Widow in The Avengers (2012); she can definitely pull a cool femme fatale. But I still like Milla Jovovich the best, action heroine wise.

WATCH…short and not too overbearing with the BIG question!



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