Movie Reviews: Winter’s Tale (2014); All is Lost (2013); The Other Woman(2014)



Winter’s Tales is a fantasy story , and you need to view the film at such; otherwise, it will make no sense. Basically the story was about good fighting evil (literally). Someone born with a good conscience had the ticket to true love, whether on earth or on the other realm, or in heaven, despite he was a crook.

Peter Lake(Colin Farrell) is a burglar, he works for Pearly Soames(Russell Crowe), but Peter wants to run away from Pearly. Pegasus(white horse with wings) saves Peter, and he escapes from his captor. While burglarising Beverly Penn’s (Jessica Brown FindlayDownton Abbey’s Sybil ) house, he falls in love, at first sight. Beverly is sick with consumption, and she constantly needs to take cold bath to cool her body temperature down, she accepts Peter with open arms and all her heart. His good conscience even wins over the father, Issac Penn(William Hurt) … Lucifer lives in the sub-terrain of New York City, he is the Judge (Will Smith), who grants permission to his league of satan. Pearly asks the Judge that he could destroy Peter before another miracle manifests in the borough that he governs.

While jumping the bridge after being surrounded by Pearly’s gang, Peter is transported to 2014, where he meets a dying kid, Abbey(Ripley Sobo)and her mom, Virginia(Jennifer Connelly) in a park,where he just finished painting feverishly. Peter keeps the guilt of not able to save Beverley, which he thinks was his destiny…but was it?

Farrell stole many scenes displaying strong emotions, surpassing those of Findlay’s. Crowe’s devil was passable, wish he didn’t use that weird tone. Connelly usually is pretty good with role like this, so nothing was amiss here.

WATCH… only if you have a craving for fantasy; some of the winter scenes were quite beautiful. Nonetheless, a chick flic 4sure!



All is Lost was no doubt about survival, in the open ocean, Indian Ocean. Robert Redford was the protagonist with no name mentioned the entire film, who didn’t speak much, at all. His actions spoke for his hopes, challenges, setbacks, despair, and ultimately his final surrender, his fate.

After being hit by a cargo container floating in the open sea with rolls of children sneakers emerging from it, a solo voyage turns from bad to worse within seven days.

Redford’s accurate interpretation of his character’s actions or non-actions were the reason why this has become another one of my favourites. No CGI effects, maximum five lines in the script, a no-name character, Director, J.C. Chandor , is definitely conveying an important message about what makes a good film.

WATCH…Immediately you empathise with Redford’s character, you will sink in your sofa as fast as his sailboat, at times hopeful, sometimes hopeless. The most amazing and captivating was what he could do with his seventy-year-old body!



The Other Woman was a terrible film. It was totally nonsensical. I have no idea who the target audience was.

Spoiler Alert!
Tell me:
1. what kind of cheating husband,Mark King(Nikolaj Coster-Waldau), gives his REAL home address to his girlfriend (mistress).
2. who still use the term “mistress” in 2014?
3. who acts like Kate King(Leslie Mann) in real life?
4. why a lawyer, Carly Whitten(Cameron Diaz), likely a partner, would allow Kate to make a scene at reception? In real world, security would have been called after two minutes. [ Patty Hewes, Damages]
5. what kind of lawyer drives out to her boyfriend, the cheating husband, house to surprise him. Lawyer, likely a partner, works 80 hours a week!
6. what kind of women join force, adding Amber(Kate Upton), to retaliate their cheating spouse, or boyfriend?
7. what kind of women under the circumstances become best friends and nurture each other’s low self-esteem?
8. why Diaz always gets the guy, Phil(Taylor Kinney), she wants?

Anyway, skip, skip, skip! Mann was trying too hard to imitate some of Melissa McCarthy‘s physical slapstick. I think even the real McCarthy’s slapstick are getting stale and awful.

SKIP… not even a rental!


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