Movie Review: Dawn of the Planet of the Apes(2014)



It definitely surpassed the last iteration of Planet of the Apes(2001), and a better sequel than the first installment: (Rise) of the Planet of the Apes (2011).Why? The “performance capture” made this movie magical. The apes et al. community ruled by Ceasar(Andy Serkis) was so life-like that I forgot they were digital manipulations. It enhanced the interactions between apes and humans. Unlike Burton’s version, theirs were kept separate most of the time, except for a few human characters.

The story will grip you shortly after an accident happens. In a nutshell, few engineers need to get to an old power generating facility and they must cross the apes territory to get to the plant. Some humans and some apes obviously do not get along, and some do. This was a fight between good and evil; domination and submission; power and co-operation, and which side would win for either species.

The best actor was for sure Serkis’s Ceasar. As you may recall in Rise, he was highly intelligent, and was able to speak human language. In this sequel his expressions were so human-like that it was hard to distinguish real from digital. Choreography of fight scenes was remarkable, and exciting.

WATCH…I doubt you will get bored even watching it multiple times.


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