Movie Review: The Amazing Spider-Man (2)



A reboot franchise that was lackluster.The question needed to ask was why this new one? True, there were highly choreographed CGI effects that looked grand, towards the end, and the unexpected big bang as the opening. Equally valid, it means thousands of hours were spent making them look good, but I wish some of those hours were allocated to make this film coherent, if not, at least let me walk out understanding why this Spider-man (Andrew Garfield) is more amazing than the last(Tobey Maguire), cause behind the spandex mask, they were the same to me. The villains…the girlfriend…not amazing and not amusing either. 

Hate to say it, but I did sat through it, hoping something exciting would happen, checking my smartphone (don’t worry I was home watching the DVD).

Peter Paker is proud and being overzealous with his new-found power solving crimes in New York. Many years ago his parents died in a private Learjet. Later we found out he was an employee of Oscorp… Peter was left with his Aunt, May(Sally Field), who has to work two jobs to put him through high-school and to make ends meet.

Gwen(Emma Stone) is valedictorian at her graduation ceremony, and Peters. Spider-man swings in the last minute when Peter’s name is called. He grabs his diploma, and holds Gwen in his arms, and gives her a big kiss… that’s so amazing, they are so happy together. 

The first villain is Electro(Jamie Foxx), who is a socially awkward but an intelligent and brilliant electrical engineer, nonetheless. He becomes a translucent blue man with electric power surging through his entire body after an industrial accident that he has only himself to blame. 

The second is Peter’s friend Harry Osborn(Dane DeHaan) who turned into Green Goblin. Other than his face was not masked, the outfit and gadget looked very similar to the one James Franco‘s Osborn had. But I am sure they were amazingly different if looked closely or displayed side-by-side…

New York is a mess as usual; some blame Spider-man for causing the chaos and rubble, others praise his effort to save the city. Eventually, he has to give up his power, cause we all know blah blah blah comes blah blah. Thanks for Gwen’s valedictorian speech, Spider-man comes out of his depression, learns his lesson, and will fight another day, which means part 3 will be out in two years, and wait till you see which villain comes with it.

SKIP…I have no great power, so if you want to see this…I am not responsible for your lost of 2 1/2 hours, but to be fair, perhaps, more like 2 hours, cause there were some amazing fireworks and electronica.


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