Movie Review: Freezer (2014)

source: IMDb

source: IMDb

This was a direct to DVD film, and it was quite a delight. Unexpected. And if you are Dylan McDermott‘s fans, you certainly will like this, a lot. He is this film. No CGI effects, no special props, just a good old fashion film with one locale, one story, and mostly one actor. It proves an entertaining film does not need a lot, it only needs good actors, and a good script. This certainly has both. 

Robert is held hostage one night, and thrown into a freezer container. Two guys, Russians, Stepan(Milan Malisic) and Kiril(Andrey Ivchenko) speak only Russian kidnap Robert, and now harassing Robert in the freezer. Robert doesn’t know why he was kidnapped, and thought it was a punk for his birthday.

After more hitting, punching, and joking, the freezer temperature dips every time the two assault Robert and leave. Eventually, we know it is about (money), of course! Robert tells them time and time that it is mistaken identity.

Alisa(Yuliya Snigir) enters the freezer with the two goons, and asks Robert to tell the truth, before Kiril will do more damages. Robert stands his ground. Another few degrees drop, Robert hears cellphone rings. On the other line is NYPD, Detective Al Dorian, he checks out Robert’s ID on his dash computer. Kiril grabs the phone and crashes it with his bare hand.

Suddenly a limp arm falls out of the shelves. Sam Gurov’s(Peter Facinelli – Dr. Cullen in Twilight). He is bleeding to death. Robert finds out he is Al’s partner, an undercover.

Next, Robert is now unconscious, a pool of blood underneath the shelves. Sam is gone or taken?

Alisa, the mafia son’s, Vadim(Rafael Petardi), b****, explains to Robert how much trouble he is in, she asks him to tell them where he hides the (money). He still denies he knows anything…

A suspense thriller that follow the cardinal rule that everyone is a suspect, except Kiril, he is only muscle. Everyone is out-lying everyone, so who is telling the truth? Is there any innocent party in all this? Will Robert walk out of the freezer, or die of hypothermia?

And I thought this was a sci-fi, like The Colony(2013), based on the DVD cover. This was way way better. In fact, McDermott, cracked many jokes to break the ice in the beginning.

WATCH…because you want to know if Robert is lying or truly innocent.

P.S. It’s kinda funny that Facinelli wore the same makeup as if he were in Twilight. Despite, he is still a good looking guy.


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