Movie Review: I Origins (2014)



” The eyes are the window to the soul”. Scientists don’t believe it; metaphysicians can’t agree more. The age-old debates between science and miracles. The latter must convince the former with proof to make them a believer. An interesting premise that could have been so much more, but it ended up being another silly love story.

In the opening, Ian(Michael Pitt – Silk [2007]) is playing with his son in the living room re-telling an event happened when he was a PhD candidate in genetics of sort. Karen(Brit Marling), a first-year PhD student, was his assigned lab-assistant. Of course, Karen tried to show off her knowledge in front of her mentor, and peer.

This was the part got me interested in seeing this film: the constant encounters of 11:11. One day Ian is out on the street, he starts to see 11:11 ( or 1111) everywhere he goes, including a receipt of his grocery, loose change,… Next, he goes to a party, and meets this girl, Sofie(Astrid Bergès-Frisbey) in a mask that only exposes her eyes; they click, and they makes it a one-night stand(pun intended).

The next day, he sees a pair of eyes on a billboard. Since he is a geneticist studying the origin of sight, he reads irises, and believes those are the same as the ones the girl has. One day while surfing the net he finds her eyes: bingo, she is a model!

He tracks her down and they become inseparable, madly in love. They want to get married, and a freak accident happens. His despairs is insurmountable; He loses his fiancée, or is she his life-after-life’s soul-mate?

Karen consoles her boss, and what that leads to? Sex, obviously. The silly part starts…

Marling is one of the screen-writers for Sound of My Voice(2011)and Another Earth(2011), the other writer/director for Another Earth and this film is Mike Cahill. All of them have metaphysics as theme. 

The ending was interesting enough, but predictable as things unfolded. If there was none of that silly story, I know it was trying to debunk the concept of soul- mate with coincidences, it would have been better. It was just too convenient how it happened: guess where the son, in the opening, came from?

It reminds me of Birth(2004)… somehow.

SKIP…especially if you don’t believe all that fluffiness.


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