Movie Review: If I Stay (2014)



Probably two reasons someone will watch this: she is between 8-14, or a fan of Chloë Grace Moretz. Her most memorable film for me is definitely Hit-girl in Kick-Ass (2010), the first one. I am sure we will see more of this coming-of-age child actor for a long time. I forgot she was (Carrie White) in Carrie(2013).

This film was not complicated at all. There were no mystery, hidden agenda, nor a hollow-face illusion ending.

Mia(Chloë Grace Moretz) is a talented cellist, and her idol is Yo-Yo Ma. It must have been the gene pool, her father, Denny(Joshua Leonard) had been a band lead singer famous in the local scenes. Mother, Kat(Mireille Enos) was head over heels with Denny first time watching his gig. Mia was born shortly.

Mia is an avid cello player, she practices and practices, days and nights. Even Denny, the father succumbs to Mia’s prodigious talent, and so does Kat, the mother. They quit the band, and he becomes a high-school teacher, so that he will have a stable life and income to support his family.

On a snow day, Mia reluctantly agrees to go on a family’s road trip, cause she is waiting for the admission letter from Juillard. I saw curvy mountainous road, snow is falling, two narrow lanes,… head-on collision assured.

Mia awakes and sees the wreck. He sees a black zipper bag, and the EMS van putting someone in, maybe her little brother, she jumps in and follows.

She arrives at the hospital, the one on the gurney is HER.

The film used flashbacks to knit the story together. Mia was in high school practicing in the music room.  Adam(Jamie Blackley) played in the up and coming local band saw her the first time… Love between the unlikely pair ensured.

Adam is coming back to his hometown to perform, now that he is famous… just happens the same day of the car accident…

So the question is, out of the four, father, mother, Mia, and son, who makes it? from there you can deduce what will eventually happen. Sorry, buy it is really a no-brainer.

Who would not vote for Mia to survive, especially with Moretz sweet, young face.

While Moretz was good casting choice, but Mia could easily have been Shailene WoodleySaoirse Ronan, or Dakota Fanning, all Moretz’s contemporaries. Such competitons! Right now, Woodley holds thin edge against the others.  Those who get to become A-listers, fierce, are their journeys!

SKIP… really a film good for pyjamas party, or junior school friends stay over. 




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