Movie Review: Snowpiercer(2013)



A not so ordinary post-apocalyptic world that brightness of sun reflection off the landscape of snow could have blinded anyone. The survived humans were now in a perpetual running train traversing round the world in circle. The train was the only existing self-sustaining ecosystem for humans. Unfortunately in this closed system, classicism persisted: rich and poor. The poorest were living in the bowel of the train, the richest in the front carts. As natural selection dictates, survival of the fittest is causality. 

Curtis(Chris Evans) and Edgar(Jamie Bell) are two best friends living in the bowel of the train, where bunk-beds are their dwellings. The whole place is no different from an infested prison that reeks. One day, a well-dressed woman protected by sentries comes to hand-picks young children of specific measurements. The selected kids disappeared after crossing the heavy steel mechanical doors between compartments.

A revolution has been planned for a while, the leader, Gilliam(John Hurt) is old and has only two limbs left: an arm and a leg, he is mentoring Curtis to lead the crowd, cause Gilliam knows he will not survive another revolt. One day, during feeding time, brown protein hard-jelly blocks, an inadvertent opportunity arises, a team of poor succeeds in occupying couple of carts ahead. However, in the next cart they must revive Namgoong Minsoo(Kang-ho Song), the guy that designed the door lock mechanics, from one of the morgue drawers to proceed further.

Each cart reviews a micro-system within the ecosystem they have lived for 17 years. In other words, how things work together and keep the balance in this confined static place. More importantly, they finally know where their foods come from.

The scene stealer, as usual, is the one and only, brilliant,  Tilda Swinton‘s Mason. Another disguise, another persona, however equally animated (Madame D. in The Grand Budapest Hotel). She is the police chief of sort, keeping the delicate environment in balance, and in peace. She gives speech after punishing a trouble maker, another after a big fight between the sentry and the poor, another, another,…evangelising the snowpiercer’s creator, Wilford(Ed Harris).

Finally, Curtis meets Wilford, the creator, and his guarded heart and soul: the Engine.

WATCH…immediately! it’s original, it’s a film laden with unexpected confessions and deceits, lots of action sequences, its explosive ending will make you wonder: Now What!?

P.S.  the film has some seasoned actors like Hurt, Swinton, Harris, and Oscar winner, Octavia Spencer– who played a mom, whose son was one that fit the measurement and being taken away: Timmy- that will not disappoint, but deliver. 


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