Movie Review: Tammy(2014)



Perhaps this film was an answer to The Expendables franchise, cause I haven’t seen a film that had so many female dramatic actresses (TV and Movie) all under one roof: Susan Sarandon (Oscar), Kathy Bates (Oscar), Allison JanneyToni ColletteSandra Oh (Golden Globe). With this cast, poor Melissa McCarthy was set up for failure! And you can tell she was swimming upstream. 

In 1991 Thelma & LouiseThelma (Geena Davis) and Louise (Susan Sarandon) went on a girl-power road trip that would change their lives forever, and the film’s ending became a classic. In 2014, Susan Sarandon‘s Pearl and Melissa McCarthy‘s Tammy, grandma and grand-daughter, went on a road-trip that ended up at Eve’s garden, or LGBT paradise. [Correction]: just a lesbian couple’s estate belonged to  Lenore(Kathy Bates ) and Susanne(Sandra Oh). 

This is definitely a I-don’t-know-to-cry-or-laugh movie. Cause it was not exactly a hard-core slapstick film, or a heart-feel family reconciliation drama. Maybe it was really a LGBT’s propaganda, when so many gay couples there to celebrate 4th of July? (nothing’s wrong with that!)

The story is simple: Tammy is clumsy and almost down-and-out, but she manages to live with her husband in a nice house. After getting fire for tardiness, she walks  into a cheating husband, SNL’s alum, Nat Faxon as Greg, who is with Missi(Toni Collette), the new belle, and they sit decently on the family’s couch. After some yelling and screaming on Tammy’s part, she packs and leaves, and walks down the street to her mom’s, Deb (Allison Janney), house. After some more yelling and arguments, Tammy decides to leave town, which Deb is cynical about, cause Tammy has never been outside more than five blocks from her house. Deb’s mom, Pearl takes Tammy, or vice versa, on a road trip with all her savings, cause she does want to be a caged-bird anymore. Pearl is longing for a place she never got to go with her husband, now dead: Niagara Falls. 

Two losers challenged women with money on a road trip;  you can do the math! The younger one with low self-esteem, and the older an alcoholic with diabetes, who is also abusing prescription meds.

…Don’t be silly, no one plunged into the Falls! Although you may wish that one or both did…

BTW, another SNL alum, Dan Aykroyd played Tammy’s father. 

SKIP… such a cast, what a waste?!

P.S. McCarthy  and husband, Ben Falcone penned the script. 



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