Movie Review: Blue is the Warmest Color (2013)

source: IMDb

source: IMDb

La vie d’Adèle  chapîtres 1 et 2 is adopted from the graphic novel Le bleu est une couleur chaude by Julie Maroh; that’s why the English’s title, perhaps. This film was almost three hours in length, it went through the life of Adèle from 15 to 21 or 22… hence, the title: chapter 1 and 2, like in a novel. The opening scene starts with Adèle in her literature class, where her classmates read off passages from the novel, about love at first sight, and chance meeting. The question posed by the teacher is whether it will be a positive event or negative. One of the students answers “Regret”, the “what could have been…” 

Building on the opening scene, Adèle(Adèle Exarchopoulos) experiences such an encounter one day while walking in a crowded street, a girl with blue hair passes her by, and they exchange glances. A smile from Emma(Léa Seydoux) becomes Adèle’s enigma. That night she has a wet dream.

Growing up in a middle-class family, Adèle’s life is predictable and her parents seem normal. School, marriage, work and kids are the goals in life, and Adèle has already accepted her destiny, which is exactly how her parents want. In lycée, Adèle is shy, has her regular group of friends to hang out with talking about sex and guys. Under peer pressure, she has sex with one of the seniors, a guy who has been flirting with her. Her first time is nothing compared to what she expected: her electrifying wet dream.

One night with her best gay friend, Samir(Salim Kechiouche), they go to a gay bar, but she wanders off and ends up in a Dyke bar, where she sees the girl with blue hair…Being a new face, girls and women start to hit her up…Emma comes to the rescue, declares Adèle is her out-of-town cousin.

That’s how their relationship starts.

The film is a social study of classicism, emotions, fate, failure, goals, success, beaux arts, money, sexuality, experimentation, loneliness, and compatibility.

First love is always hard, because no one has clear concept of the journey. Common to all, there are compatibility issues, inequality issues, friends issues, … they further reduce the chance of success especially one who is as green as a sprouting leaf. Adèle is this naïve and green young woman, who unfortunately must go through this difficult passage calls life.

Emma is the more experienced one; she has been around. At first, Emma did try to keep a distance, perhaps to protect Adèle, but young lover’s energy is just too strong, it comes like a twenty feet wave! Emma surrenders to Adèle youthful charm, and her puppy, exclusive, desire.

There were no ambiguity in characters between the two: their differences were obvious. In Adèle first visit to Emma’s home, the dinner prepared was fresh oysters, which Adèle has never have in her life, cause in her house, the best dish her father made was vegetarian spaghetti marinara. Emma studies beaux arts, making a living was not a priority, while Adèle had already decided to be a junior grade school teacher, cause she had learned a lot from her teachers, so….There was no closet for Emma, the free spirit artist, she flaunted her sexuality, while Adèle remained in hers. Clearly their relationship without hard work and communications was doomed to fail. Interestingly for the same reason Adèle didn’t pursue her first boyfriend, cause they didn’t have compatible, and complimentary conversations.

The famous, biological anthropologist, Dr. Helen Fisher defined Adèle love for Emma: Limerence. 

On the lighter side, the sex scenes were not for the squeamish, let’s just put it that way! Exarchopoulos held back nothing, she gave it all, instant tears and snot; there is no way anyone won’t empathise with her. But, at the same time, everyone will scream silently “NO! don’t go there! or you could do better”.

I am a big fan of Seydoux, she seems to be in every French movies. She were also in quite a few blockbusters: The Grand Budapest Hotel(2014) – the maid in the mansion; Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol (2011) – the spy; …She has one of those faces that you don’t forget.

WATCH…despite being a bit long, everyone can relate to the story!!! So, it will keep you interested.


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