Movie Review: Into the Storm(2014)



This was an exhilarating thriller. I know most of it was CGI effects, but its realism deserves a thumb-up! Cause I am still wondering how director Steven Quale captured his shots. An added bonus was his actors’ emotions, and their heart-pounding moments were raw and realistic. 

The story itself was no different than other films in the same genre: Twister (1996), 2012 (2009), …, and TV show Storm Chasers (TV-2007). But the film definitely annotated the invisible line between amateur and professional: both are uploading to YouTube for their 15 seconds of fame.

The movie starts with a team of storm chasers with the latest gadgets, an impenetrable, anchor-able, altered Hummer, touches down in towns and cities wanting to capture live footage inside a tornado; they want to record its eye! So far, they have only been missing their targets, and tornado season will be over soon. They are really desperate for  footage. The team leader and funder of the project is Pete(Matt Walsh), and the Ph.D. meteorologist is Allison(Sarah Wayne Callies).

In a small town, it’s convocation time for a local high school. Its vice principal, Gary(Richard Armitage) after hearing the news on TV wants to postpone the convocation, while its principal(Scott Lawrence) is not convinced. Gary’s eldest son, Donnie(Max Deacon) is one of the graduating seniors, and he is making a documentary of the graduating class. The digital recording will be put in a 25 years Time Capsule.

His brother Trey(Nathan Kress) is more rambunctious, and tries to set Donnie up with his dream girl, Kaitlyn(Alycia Debnam Carey). 

Six tornadoes hitting the town at the same time? Why not? …to wrap things up a super cell is forming! Trust me it is entertaining!

WATCH…obviously only for its actions and CGIs.

P.S. watch the special feature so you will understand what these actors had to tolerate.


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