Movie Review: The Equalizer (2014)

source: IMDb

source: IMDb

This is a great movie on an entertaining scale, so I will not spoil it for you in anyway. So please WATCH this! Rent it, stream it, or buy it. 

Finally a film that will draw you in! At first, I was not sure how good this would be. In fact, I popped the dvd in knowing nothing about The Equalizer, except its cover showed Denzel Washington with a gun in the rain: so Bruce Willis or Liam Neeson? I figured Washington rarely signed up for anything bad, so I felt reassured it would not be a time-waster.

The film starts off with Robert McCall or Robert(Denzel Washington) getting ready for work. He is preparing a protein drink. He works at a Home Depot-ish warehouse. He seems to be a friendly guy and everyone likes him at work. He befriends Ralphie(Johnny Skourtis), his colleague, who wants to work in security. Rob helps him to shed some pounds before taking the exam.

Rob’s home is clean and organized. No non-essential items clutter any of his rooms. Rob is also an insomniac, he sleeps light and wakes up every morning around 2 a.m.. He goes to a diner in his neighbourhood and has been chatting up a regular customer, Alina(Chloë Grace Moretz). She looks like an inspiring teenager singer.

One night she gets a call, and an extended black limo pulls in at the curb. A fat guy gets off the car looking into the diner.  The next day, her face is bruised.

Alina is now in hospital, three-quarter of her face is now bruised and purple. Robert goes and visits, but stays outside looking in her sick station. Alina has been controlled by Russian mobs; she is one of their call girls. 

Robert is nothing but a customer service guy, after seeing badly beaten Alina, he decides to talk to the mobster head Slavi(David Meunier), who owns the city, for Alina’s release. He walks into the restaurant bar’s upstairs office, gives them $9,800, and politely asks them to free Alina. They laughs ….in his mind, he says, “19 second”.

True, this film was more a fantasy than reality, but director’s, Antoine Fuqua, rhythm and pacing were immaculate; the build-up of suspense will hold till the very end: no toilet breaks. 

The questions you will keep asking yourself are: Who? When? What? Why? and How? Will it offer a conclusion, ever?

P.S. I didn’t know Home Depot holds so many weapons in plain sight!!!!



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