Movie Review: No Good Deed(2014)



Yep! It’s No Good “In” Deed. 

[Spoiler Alert]

If you have seem the trailer, you should have a basic understanding of what this is about. To be honest, that’s what made me decide to watch this, cause it looked promising with Idris Elba as Colin, and Taraji P. Henson as Terry.

The plot had more holes than a slice of Swiss cheese, from start to end.

Colin is up for parole, and he tries to convince the board members he is good to re-integrated to society. But one of the members is eminent in keeping him in jail, and lamenting him a paranoid narcissist. Colin’s demeanor changes as the finger keeps pointing at him. Mistake#1:This was not a trial, the board should be evaluating if Colin had been rehabilitated and ready for re-integration, so the fact he was a narcissist was irrelevant. However, it would have made perfect sense if victim’s family protested his early release under parole…

Colin is then put back in the transportation van back to jail. Isn’t parole hearing done at the incarceration facility? so to avoid the exact problem of convict’s escape? So he does and kills a guard and a driver on an empty highway. Before that, the driver protested and asked Colin to keep cool…what? is he his private chauffeur that he knows Colin so well that he can convince him not to kill? Mistake #2, shoot first, ask questions later, or read the convict escape manual.  

Then Colin goes and looks for his ex-girlfriend, who sold him out. He appears at her home unannounced. They meet at the kitchen… Mistake#3, don’t stand around for 10 minutes if you know you may get hurt, and don’t run upstairs when you know it will be a dead-end.

Next he gets in an accident, his stolen SUV (how he stole it, who knows?) goes into a ditch. It’s now raining heavily, he spots Terry’s house, and happens her car alarm malfunctions blinking and squealing. She runs out and makes it stop. Despite pleading her husband, Jeffrey(Henry Simmons), to stay and fool around earlier; Jeff decided to celebrate his father’s birthday alone was more important. Mistake#4: isn’t it a red-flag when your husband doesn’t want you to be at your father-in-law’s birthday, especially you already gave him two kids? 

Now Colin rings, Terry opens the door and peeks to see who…being a good Samaritan she let him in to dry up. Her kids are in bed. During their chitchats, she tells him she was a DA working on homicide cases, and she knows guys that she put away were mostly stupid, and the victims knew the killers. Mistake#5: All is good, cause you don’t know the stranger! 

There were more mistakes obviously, but the biggest one was that Terry never took advantage of her retaliations. She was quick on her feet to fight back, then she went stupid again. Somehow, her mind kept saying the most important thing was to grab her two kids, one baby and a four year-old, ran to her car and drove away to look for help. In one scene, she got Colin and hit him with a fire distinguisher, he fell down the stairs, after Terry knocked him on the head and spread foam on him…Finish the damn job! Terry, run downstairs hit him on the head again to make sure!  For cry out loud, you were a DA, you know how people got killed. 

Anyway, I was really hoping that this would turn out to be a cool woman fought back film, but it ended up being Jason (Colin never died) of Friday the 13th(1980), and Terry running around in her big mansion, and grabbing her kids running, with the constant expression more appropriate for Scary Movie(2000).

Yes, it got worse towards the end!

SKIP…unless you want a good laugh and you could stream this for free.


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