Movie Review: Whiplash(2014)



I got it, what the raving and ranting of how great this film was:  Damien Chazelle is a 29 years old Director/Writer. Sure, his cleverness of turning an aspiring tale into a psychotic thriller, morphing the usual sport training  to endless stage rehearsal, and rewriting a mentor mentee relationship, but it was nothing but a malevolence seesawing with one part sadistic torture and three parts masochism between two egomaniac psychopaths, whose lives devoid of any social normalcy. With no disrespect, I have come to this conclusion. 

Do allow me to explain my POV.

Success in instrumental arts requires innate talent, so I doubt hard-work will ever compensate for the lack of it. But clearly, in sports, practice and endurance training will enhance an athlete’s performance, cause nothing is abstract there, it’s either physiology or physics. Hence, I doubt finger relaxation, cortisone therapy, and even 24/7 hammering at the ivories will make a mediocre piano player to become a Mozart, or Lang Lang.

In 2014, I doubt any esteem faculty will have a position in any respectable institution with Fletcher’s foul mouth, condescending outburst, and blatant abuse(keep changing the drum player). Youtube? ring a bell? Especially with today’s kids, if anything, they know the Youtube Court of Justice. Also, students know about grievance too! So I am lost why all keyed to the tune of  “U Can’t Touch This: Fletcher(J.K. Simmons).” I never heard of Maria Callas slapped her students at Juilliard, did you?…All I am saying is that with a bit more background on Fletcher past would certainly conjure for us his “Prima Donna” status.

If Andrew(Miles Teller) had true prodigious talent in Jazz, he would not give a damn what Fletcher said and did. If he was smart, he would know in the world of arts, either people see your talent or not, despite you were so and so student. The way to success is to go out and play gigs, until things happen. If that was really his true goal! or unless he was really craving “love” from Fletcher: his mom replacement?!

Yes, it is a movie, it is not reality. But all I want was a bit of a dream sequence? or vague flashback when Andrew got hit by a truck, at least then I would have been more satisfied.

The end, devoid of realism, was a bravo moment, and truly Simmons and Teller tensed performances were breath-taking, and Chazelle’s plot was original likened his other suspend film Grand Piano(2013), equally one-of-a-kind, with Elijah Wood and John Cusack, but it could have been perfect, if…Now, who will pay for my rehab? (LOL)

WATCH…treat it like a psychological thriller, and dial the time back to the 70’s for  making the content more plausible.


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