Movie Review: Ex Machina (2015)



Underneath a calm isolated paradise engulfed with nature and beauties resides a successful sensei, guru, scientist in artificial intelligence. The bungalow exterior is rustic, but inside is zen and minimalistic. A neuro-engineer is probably best way to describe Nathan(Oscar Isaac), who is at the verge of an important step towards human evolution: an A.I. that is physically 100% human, and equal in cognition… theoretically. Caleb(Domhnall Gleeson) has unriddled a company-wise posted challenge and selected to spend a week with the company’s owner: Nathan. 

Caleb is ridding a copter overlooking acres and acres of green forests, deep set valleys, and wave of mountain ranges, he asks,”where does his boss live?” pilot replies, “you are looking at it.” Caleb thinks he will spend a week attesting Nathan’s latest A.I. model to detect and validate the existence of intelligence. Caleb is green, nerdy, smart, and easy to impress. Nathan is jaded, intelligent, manipulative, and a alcoholic. Eventually, Nathan gets Caleb to loosen up, and speaks as his equal.

Ava(Alicia Vikander) lives in a transparent rectangular glass box that is secured and locked from the inside. By now, with trailer, posters, promotions, we all know what Ava looks like, especially her blue LED lighted torso, titanium scalp, and a beautiful maiden face.

Ex-Machina was viscous, visceral and visual. Anyone who loves a psychological thriller MUST NOT miss this one by all means. It will keep you thinking who is the real victim, and who is the true genius among them. Many questions will also go through your mind, some causing strong dissonance, some create doubts, yet others give you chills.

At the end, the looming existential question to answer is what makes humans human? Will human ever becomes God to create a new life form, and will human deals with evolution’s survival of the fittest?

Frighteningly, this is a reality we face now as scientific research progresses!

Unfortunately the ending was full of cliché imagery, nonetheless, it was there to give a closure.

WATCH…one of the best films about A.I.

Press note:
The Creators Project just premiered a behind-the-scenes look at the making of Ex Machina, a science fiction thriller that explores the relationship between artificial intelligence and humankind, directed by Alex Garland (Sunshine and 28 Days Later).

In Human in the Machine: The Making of “Ex Machina,” Garland offers a view on artificial intelligence that differs from that of futurists like Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk. He notes, “The film is definitely not supposed to be a cautionary tale about AIs. The caution is all aimed at the humans.”

More: The Making of Ex Machina



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