Movie Review: Predestination (2014)

source: IMDB

source: IMDB

Time travel movie? Not so fast, it was more complex than that. It will require you accepting the premises: Intersex, time travel and second chance love. The story may have come full circle, but I wonder if the basis of human biology used in the film would be possible? Otherwise, we will be running in circle. As it was pointed out: chicken or egg?

The time-traveller(TT) with no name (Ethan Hawke) works as a bartender, while trying to stop a bombing that happened long time ago. The bomb went off and killed many people. The TT, as usual, must go back in time before the bomb detonated. He carries an instrument in a violin case that transports him between times.

A customer (Sarah Snook) sits on one of the barstools starts telling “his” life story. When they warm up to each other, TT was told that he was a she before, and she went through multiple surgeries to become a “he”. More intriguingly, before she became a “he”, she gave birth to a baby, who was stolen in the maternity ward. She was extremely smart and accepted to a space exploration program, but expelled because of her condition (Intersex).

TT has gone through several times to stop the bombing, but each time, he was ambushed. He is now at his last mission.

Hwake and Snook were the film, and they did a good job keeping us enticed. The only problem I have is the ending: too deductive! In other words, here are all the facts, and here is the conclusion, …OMG.

SKIP…only if you want to see something different, not necessary good or better, and a fan of Ethan Hwake (I am).


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