Movie Review: The Martian (2015)

source: IMDb

source: IMDb

Gorgeous cinematography! Director, Ridley Scott, was the only reason I went to see this film. The story itself was quite linear, and we kind of know how it would probably end: live or die. The Martian was more plausible than Gravity (2013)cause it just had one leap too many. The science in The Martian made sense, so it could be educational, and guess that’s why I was sitting with a bunch of high school students for a 12:30pm show, which I thought I could have enjoyed tranquilly, at first. Luckily, they behaved shortly the film started.

A crew of six is on Mars doing research and land survey. They seem to have been there a while now, cause elaborate stations had been setup. We are quickly pulled into a celestial storm, with powerful gusting wind (think Promethus(2013)). The crew captain, Melissa Lewis(Jessica Chastain), decides to abandon the project and head back to earth. An accident happens, Mark Watney (Matt Damon), never makes it to the shuttle. With heavy hearts, the crew, five remaining, starts their long journey home (year and half).

Mark realises he is stranded on the red planet alone, he immediately takes actions to make a bad situation better: his science brain kicks in. First, he has to fix himself, a part of a broken antenna is protruding from his mid abdomen…then he will worry the rest: nutrients and water. The worst scenario is there are enough to eat to sustain four years before the next mission lands on Mars again.

In the control center, the head of NASA,Teddy Sanders(Jeff Daniels), and its project director,Vincent Kapoor(Chiwetel Ejiofor), got wind of Mark’s accident, and NASA’s PR director, Annie Montrose (Kristen Wiig), is getting ready for press conference: Mark is dead.

At this point, you pretty much waiting for the next bad thing to happen, cause it can’t be too much a fairytale! But to keep us interested, there will be a lot of math and science for us to absolve. Mark being a botanist certainly gives him some advantage over an astrophysicist, per se.

Damon control of humours, geekiness, and humanity will no doubt win your heart. Chastain no nonsense decision-makings, and sternness, helps prevent the film descending into some sort of melodrama. The ground crew diligently portrays how they all want a small miracle to happen, and how they work with one another: no paranoid, power struggles,…Sure, it maybe too optimistic, but bringing any other elements to the story will definitely ruin a pretty good 2015 Hollywood’s film.


WATCH… humanity!



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