Movie Review: Spectre (2015)



Have you ever been to a party with open bar, elegant decorations, expensive table prizes, gorgeous buffet, and a DJ who played all the hits you liked, then you went home, and thought: what was the extravaganza for? It sure looked like this was the last instalment of the 4-films franchise of Daniel Craig‘s 007, because pretty much everything was explained, tied-up, and dots connected, with Spectre. (Bond 25 with Craig confirmed. What?) 

In retrospect, I got what I asked for after Skyfall(2012) review: “I understand these three Bond films à la Craig are much darker and personal, but I am just hoping he has some other Bonds’ suaveness and humour.”  Like a heavy weight had been lifted, this time 007 was cheeky, dapper, smiling: Dirty Martini…really.

Following the death of M(Judi Dench), and 007 promised to find her killer, he is now in Mexico city, at the annual Día de Muertos (Day of the Dead). He is after a lead who was involved. He finds him, but uncovers a bigger plot, before he aims and pulls the trigger. Marco Sciarra(Alessandro Cremona) escapes, before the building tumbles into pieces…he runs for his life, and lose in the crowd. Marco is escorted into a helicopter…007 follows. Bond theme melody starts, signalling his another grandeur narrow escape.

What a beautiful overture that follows! I am glad we came back to the traditional glitz, psychedelic, delirium, colours swirling images mélanged with Sam Smith’s Writing on the Wall: Spectre theme song.

We are now back at the new CNS (Centre for National Security) overlooking the old MI5 headquarter across the Thames, in London. The New M(Ralph Fiennes) is worry about his renegade assassin, but more so his new boss, C(Andrew Scott), who now runs the CNS. C is imminent with the decommissioning of the clandestine Double-O, citing out-dated. Unfortunately, very little screen time was allotted to show depth between the two rivalries: old-guard vs. new-geek-in-suit.

Bond meets Lucia Sciarra(Monica Bellucci) – don’t mistaken her with Sophie Marceau in The World Is Not Enough(1999) – the widower…then he is off to Rome, Austria, and meets Madeleine Swann(Léa Seydoux). Too bad, two great European stars that couldn’t shine or outshined. Either one had such exposure as Halle Berry and Rosamund Pike in Die Another Day(2002), in fact, think of it, none of Craig’s oo7 Bond girls stood out. I only remember Eva Green in Casino Royale(2006). Perhaps, Ian Fleming’s novels were that way too, I should find out.

The muscle is Mr. Hinx(Dave Bautista), entirely mute (no lines), who fights Bond with bare hands and knuckles. One thing I observed was that there were not a lot of gunfights, like AK47 spraying at enemies. So maybe it was intentional to show less violence.

It was certainly an existing 2 1/2 hours, most of the time was thrilling, sometime at the edge of the seat. But as I said earlier: Wow, Oh, K!

Almost forgot, the crime boss was Blofeld(Christoph Waltz). It’s time for him to put on a different persona. The I-am-serious-no-I-am-not-but-really-I-am is a bit tired. 

WATCH…Beautiful, gorgeous landscape, and cinematography. Plot was unilateral, straight-forward. Love story? was passionless.

P.S. Those Tom Ford’s sunglasses are killers: so nice and beautiful!



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