Movie Review: Trainwreck(2015)

source: IMDb

source: IMDb

Eject Amy Schumer to the stratosphere already, I mean acting in a film with her own script, seriously! Trainwreck(2015) had had major critics polished it off clean and shiny. Schumer’s orgasmic performance is to be reckoned with, even starlet, Oscar winner, Jennifer Lawrence wants to co-write their next film.

When engrossed with the film, often I saw Lawrence in Schumer: Lawrence’s uncanny expressions at interviews. Who could forget when she met Jack Nicholson at the 2013 Oscar winner lounge!

I am not downplaying the film, but Trainwreck(2015) was essentially Schumer playing a jock, and the guys (true athletes) were fueling with estrogen!: roles reversal. The last quarter was nothing but cliché: I-am-no-longer-afraid-redemption.

The best part was Tilda Swinton‘s Dianna with long blond hair 30-ish looking! I knew that’s her voice, but just couldn’t reconcile with the face. [Spoiler] That was Swinton playing the chief editor of a lifestyle magazine. She took confident condescension to a new height; she should have been Miranda Priestly in The Devil Wears Prada (2006). Her snobby English accent alone would suffice, even without her swaggering remarks, “It’s OK to come in guys, Amy is fired!” or “Nikki, are you smiling? what is so funny?”…”I don’t want to see your teeth! NOW, no teeth,…”  It showed how brilliant was Schumer’s script. Some lines were absolutely hilarious, and some were belly rolling funny!

Gordon(Colin Quinn) paraphrases his divorce to her 5 and 9 year-old daughters (Amy(Carla Oudin) and Kim(Devin Fabry)), uses owning only one doll as metaphor of monogamous marriage. What was said that day has had a significant impact on Amy’s sexual relationships, but then it could also be the zeitgeist of millennial’s attachment phobia, i.e., one-night stand is preferential.

Amy(Amy Schumer) has an alcohol problem, an inebriate who picks up random guys. The morning after, she panicks. Kim(Brie Larson), of course, is the total opposite.

Gordon is in a nursery home, and suffers from MS. He has a garbage mouth!

Amy, a sports contrarian,  is assigned to write an exposé of athletes’ pampered lifestyle, and their unsophisticated minds. She meets Aaron(Bill Hader), a sport doctor, who has a roster of highest paid athletes. They had sex, date and fall in love. However, Amy disbelieves in monogamous relationship, and she is also dating a big muscle guy, Steven(John Cena), who wants to marry her. She is torn among lovers.

Overall, this was a superbly likeable film, but at the same time, it was laden with cliché: straight guy oblivion of his gayness, the girl wins the guy back (feminism, equality, same level playing field???)…

WATCH…as I said, likeable. Outstanding…not so.


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