Movie Review: Erased (2013)

source: IMDb

source: IMDb

Aaron Eckhart must be working hard to show his readiness for weekend opening’s lead, but so far, luck was not on his side. Erased(2013) was exceptionally bad. They sold me with its trailer! It looked interesting with elements of The Bourne Identity(2002) : someone is trying to kill a ex-CIA; Taken(2008) : going after his kidnapped daughter. It had actions, thriller written all over it, and Eckhart was not an unknown. Well, this time good marketing didn’t save the day. So if you want to erase something, you must have that something first, but then if you want to erase it after, why did you have it in the first place? Am I making sense here? No, good, neither did Erased(2013). I am going to save you some grief, don’t start! SKIP! SKIP! SKIP! What a waste of talents. 

Ben Logan(Aaron Eckhart) and Amy Logan(Liana Liberato) are now living in Antwerp, Belgium. They are both getting used to each other sharing an apartment. Ben is working in a high-tech security QC company, and he finds holes in three products that are out in the market…His boss, Derek Kohler(Neil Napier), is impressed with the findings and asks Ben to put his report on his desk first thing in the morning. Of course, there is going to be a conflict with her daughter’s award ceremony that night, where he will work late.  Fiddle dee dee.

Next day he goes to his office with Amy, and someone had pulled a “Midnight Express”, the whole office floor was swiped clean, the company disappeared overnight! OK, we shall stop right here.

We knew (trailer) he was an ex-CIA, CIA agents are smart! and they are analytical, resourceful, and clandestine. No “decommissioned” CIA agent would run around, and yelled his way up to head-office, cause he would have smelled wrong miles away.  BTW, disavowed and not decommissioned, unless Ben were a T2 robot! So apparently Ben was one of Anna’s(Olga Kurylenko) agents in an op that was busted, and she had him disavowed, and surprise, she slept with him before. Hence, she feels strongly that she knows him! “I know him” was uttered at least a dozen time in the film. Obviously, she didn’t know Ben at all.

And it got worse and worse; basically Ben was a father didn’t care about anyone else, who dragged his daughter along like a rag doll? For…protecting her? loving her? what? Oh, yes, like daughter like father, she was smart too, because she finds a place to hide through her good friend, but Ben being a father wants to make sure her bf stays as a gentleman. He even speaks arabic to make sure. I guess no thanks for Nabil(Yassine Fadel) for saving his ass! BTW, where is the empty safe house CIA agents use?! 

Unfortunately, Liberato wasn’t given enough direction for the role of Amy, otherwise, she could have a much better performance in this film. Instead just a you-lied-to-me-I-hate-you type of daughter.

SKIP… erased my review too! please.



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