Movie Review: Jurassic World (2015)



Finally I watched 2015 summer blockbuster, Jurassic World(2015). The re-boot of the franchise Jurassic Park(1993) being the first and the most memorable. I went to see the 20th anniversary 3D remastered in 2013, and I liked it a lot. Back then I said the 3D effects were worth the ticket price. It should be the same for Jurassic World, cause watching it at home lack the magnitude and grandeur of the new park, but the sound was very good. I bet those aerial scenes would be spectacular on a  3D IMAX screen.

The story, unfortunately liked any other blockbusters, was insipid. Claire(Bryce Dallas Howard) was a laughable character that some of the stuff she did made little sense: wear stiletto and running in mud, white blouse lightly stained, …after 2 hours she was still on damn heels?! Owen(Chris Pratt), I am glad this film propelled Pratt to the rank of A-list, but honestly, every time I saw his face, I wanted to crack up… So we basically had two cartoon characters ran miles and miles in the park who supposed to be serious, and scared. 

What is a theme park without kids? Two brothers, Zach (Nick Robinson) and Gray(Ty Simpkins) whose aunt is Claire, 100% not a Ripley, COO of the Jurassic World that grant them little privilege, and her time. She has her assistant babysits them. As predictable as can be, they loose the assistant and venture out: Zach eye-ogling teenager girls, and kid brother jumps for excitement whatever he sees. 

For about an hour of this and that, we finally see the island, Isla Nublar of the old Jurassic Park. Owen is the first to train raptors, and he even gave them individual names. Those moments with the raptors and Owen were cute.

Then there was Hoskins (Vincent D’Onofrio). A military guy that wants to make raptors the new organic war weapon. Ok, we need a villain, and voilà. Dr. Henry Wu(BD Wong) is the mad scientist, who spliced so many genes to make the designer dinosaur. OMG, he made a Frankensauris!!

Since we know there will be disasters in the park, I wish the writer had spent more time on the science, and experiments, and use Gray, the smart kid to find a way to subdue or kill the new species. Eh, a virus perhaps? or bacteria? I mean they do get sick, right?

SKIP…lack of storytelling, unoriginal, good for 10 year-olds and under who have yet to see one of the Jurassic’s films.




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