Movie Review: Kingsman (2014)



Kingsman was one of those that most missed out, likely from fatigue of yet another YA spy movie: Agent Cody Banks(2003), Nancy Drew(2007),…or just being one more Young Adult film! It was also released at the height of awards season, where most were getting in line to see nominated films, no doubts. But not all is lost, thanks to quick releases on DVD, bluray, and streaming, you can now watch it whenever you want.

This film is firing on all cylinders without choking, stalling, or misfiring. It has humours, unapologetic gore, avant-garde weapons, pub brawls, …empathy, love, friendships, and evil. All wrapped up in British nasal snobbery accent, and East-ender’s cockney: a gentleman and a delinquent kid, respectively. Sure, it rides on the coat-tail of James Bond, and even Batman (Nolan’s trilogy); however, nothing short of being creative and original in its own rights. One of the fight scenes that runs over five minutes will have you grasp for air, Colin Firth‘s Galahad could easily mistaken as Neo in this scene. Yep, it’s Mr.Darcy, nonetheless. 

Jonno Davies, new face, could very well be the next Chris Pine, and we hope he will make it across the Atlantic. Lee is cocky, agile, and expressive. Guarantee he will grow on you like a puppy! and he may also win your heart. 

Mark Strong‘s Merlin and Michael Caine‘s Arthur are quality assurance that this film is no dud. On top we have Samuel L. Jackson plays a philanthropic villain, Valentine, who wants to save the world. His sidekick, Gazelle(Sofia Boutella), is fitted with a pair running blades that will cut you in half literally; Jack Davenport‘s Lancelot will vouch for that wholeheartedly. 

Briefly the story starts with a special op in the Afghan. The captive is being interrogated, but before he split his guts with the truth, he pulls a pin with his mouth, since hands tied to back, and the grenade kills him and one of Galahad’s agents, a newly knighted Kingsman, who happens to be Lee’s father. After the incident, Mr. Hard a.k.a. Galahad has made a solemn promise to himself that he will take care of Lee’s family; Lee then was 7 years old.

Many years passed, Lee is now a teenager harassed by his stepfather, and his gang of thuds. Until one day, Mr. Hart takes him under his wings after fighting off Lee’s enemies. Lee is nominated as a trainee for the next Kingsman. However, it is no easy task to pass the tests, especially he is among elites from Oxford and Cambridge…

Valentine, the bad guy, wants to help the world by controlling population growth, so that valuable resources will not be depleted. A clean slate for those who can afford.

Although it may conceive as being cliché, i.e., a secret society fighting a lunatic who wants world domination, the characters were the winners here. And I will take anything that was devoid of US’s loud bombastic scenes, heavily CGI effects, and vulgar humours, anytime.

WATCH…it’s one of the best among all I had watched in 2015.


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