Movie Review: Hector and the Search for Happiness (2014)

source: IMDb

source: IMDb

This was rubbish. One would cringe at its stereotypical depictions of foreign cultures: high-price call girl, sweet potatoes, and beaches. Simon Pegg could not take his character seriously, cause he wanted Hector to be funny but serious. Obviously, it didn’t work. Rosamund Pike played Hector’s girlfriend, Clara. Unfortunately, Pegg and Pike didn’t transcend us to believe that they are a couple. At this point in Pike’s career, she has to realize she will never get to Rose Byrne‘s level of diversity. Byrne was naturally funny in Spy (2014), and darn serious in Damages.  Pike needs to take advantage of her classic look, like playing Jane Bennett. 

In essence a psychiatrist regressed to his childhood to find happiness: get married, and have kids!

Hector chooses to be adventurous, and to deal with his existential dilemma, he first travels to Shanghai, then Africa, and L.A., in the guise to meet up with his old friends, and ex-lover. When he found them, he finally knew that happiness is right in front of him, he just needed to ask.

I wish it had stayed with the joke when a hostess, with a heavy accent, said, ” A Penis”, Hector corrected her, “you mean happiness?!”

SKIP… I want my time refunded.




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