Movie Review: Supernova (2000)



In an era where we always crave for the newest things, we may have missed really good (worth watching) films that are simply oblivious to us. The one I found in my DVD stack was Supernova (2000).  Why is it more enjoyable to watch it now? – The actors. All of them are still in the industry, which means they are darn good to have survived a decade of film making. Two outstanding ones are “muscle”James Spader as Nick Vanzant, and Angela Bassett as Dr. Kaela Evers. The tension between Nick and Dr. Evers was so thick that knife could cut through: sexual. This film was made in 2000, the cinematography of the space and galaxy was no way shabby!  The story was coherent, and the acting was evenly balanced, for the reason we know all the actors. It would have been quite different watching it in 2000, and might have a different view on it. 

Outer space. A medical spaceship is looking for distressed humans that need medicine, emergency surgery, etc. The ship picks up Nick that has a shady past, and he is a renegade. Dr. Evers warns him not to rock the ship, no pun. The ship receives a distress signal sent directly from an abundant mine. Captain A.J. Marley(Robert Forster) decides to rescue whoever sent the signal, and prepares the ship for hyper-jump. The jump requires them to be in a sealed pod for molecule decomposition and recomposition. Exiting the jump, Captain Marley’s pod is damaged, his face is bonded with the pod’s materials.

A survivor ship is approaching and docks with the medical centre; a suited men tumbles out the decompression chamber, alive: Karl Larson(a very young Peter Facinelli – Dr. Cullen, The Twilight saga). Dr. Evers has him quarantined and examined, and finds that his cellular structures are growing stronger constantly.

Two crew members, Danika Lund(Robin Tunney – The Mentalist) and Yerzy Penalosa(Lou Diamond Phillips), are making love in a weight-less quarter overlooks the vastness of space. They decide to have a baby, finally, when they are back on earth.

As expected, Karl is up to no good. During a body scan of the survivor ship, Yerzy finds an illuminating object hidden in a compartment. He examines it, drawn and mesmerized. He puts his hand inside, and goes into a trance. His youthfulness returns hundred fold. Dr. Evers is astonished.

Also in a trance, Danika cannot get her eyes off the handsome, strong and vital Karl. He seduces her to procreate: a hybrid.

Gradually, the crew members either die or stay to fight “immortal Karl”, but they pay the price of creating a supernova that its debris will impact earth in 51 years.

WATCH…a hidden gem, found.



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