WATCH: Movie Review: Batman v Superman-Dawn of Justice (2016)

source: IMDb

source: IMDb


Contains spoilers

OK, enough! Go see it for yourself, and don’t trust others’ opinions. I almost missed out on a pretty good 3D film,  visually, story-wise, and performances, cause I had read and watched (youtube) so many negative things before I went today. To me a good film creates discourse, and I think it has definitely achieved that!

Swiftly, I will tell the story: Gotham is a neighbour city of Metropolis, homes for Batman(Ben Affleck)and Superman(Henry Cavill), respectively. Metropolis suffered tons of damages, because of Superman’s in the name of “saving” humans. However, Bruce Wayne (Batman) is pretty pissed that this human-like alien is destroying earth, and his properties, yet people worship Superman as a messiah fallen from heaven (really from outer-space); the photography will verify this many times in the film. In other word, a flying Superman hanging in mid-air embraced with background sunlight. So, clearly out of Batman’s angers, he wants to kill Superman to rein in peace on earth, and be the lone crusader for crimes… again.

In their first battle, in his batmobile, Bruce Wayne is crushed by Superman, who let him go, although he could have easily vapourise Batman. In his heavy broken car, Bruce is madder, he pumps irons, and rebuild a stronger batmobile, so he will win the next time.(Why he hates Superman so much?)

As I  paraphrase, “behind all superheroes, there are more villains”: Lex Luthor(Jesse Eisenberg). He is  a manipulative, cunning, psychopath. I guess superheroes are his archenemies, and vice versa. Eisenberg wouldn’t be my pick.. he is too young as Lex.

Simply put, Superman is God, Batman is a knight, and Lex’s a devil. And so the battles begins…

Since and before its release, unfortunately, the limelights have mostly been on Affleck and his Batman, but I want to cheer for Cavill’s Superman, who many times showed us how torn he was emanated through his facial expressions: the heartache of not being understood, the truth of being vulnerable, and the true light in all darkness: Lois…Cavill gets both my thumbs up! Besides, he is younger and more buffed.

Batman: what does he represent? vengeance, hate and anger? the elimination of crimes? or …

Lois Lane(Amy Adams), to me, was only for melodramatic effect: there, you save me again, and how the hell you knew where I was (blink, blink)…I wonder where her no nonsense toughness went in Man of Steel(2013)?

I wish Superman had been the star of this film, and treated as a sequel to Man of Steel. Unfortunately, the religious undertone might have decimated Superman before even he had a chance in Zack Snyder‘s vision: we don’t need a saviour figure to save the world…again.

Lastly, great addition of Wonder woman in the mix, and I hope it was not just for tokenism. Gal Gadot rocks! (BTW, the events took place around 2010-ish (Martha died in 1981 + 20 years), so it was OK that Bruce and Diana still communicated with email.) This was what some criticised.

WATCH… a very good movie,  love the 3D effects, and some parts I found to be quite emotional…Is it just me? please let me know, haha.





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