WATCH: The Intern(2015)


source: IMDb

Fortunately this wasn’t  a copycat of that awful The Internship (2013)! well a bit: workplace for millennial. The Intern (2015) is a well-balanced chick flick that has its moments. Blessed with a strong cast and performances, this film was a pleasant surprise, and enjoyable to watch. Robert De Niro‘s Ben was so good that there was no trace of De Niro as the film progressed.

Ben is this 70 year-old widower getting out of his monotone retirement. He applied for an intern position of a startup owned by Anne Hathaway‘s Jules.

Fortunatey, Hathaway didn’t suck, neither just being “Hathaway”.  Towards the end, her emotions seem genuine.

Without these two seasoned actors, this would have been another stereotypical dud: life beyond retirement, and girl power – I can handle it all! The Intern (2015)’s director and writer Nancy Meyers, perhaps, was using this as a follow-up of one of hers earlier films, Baby Boom(1987). Progress?!

Jules is a hands-on owner executive of her on-line fashion store that involves with the full life-cycle of its products: design to delivery. She relies on Cameron (Andrew Rannells) to make all the non-operational decisions, i.e., from finance to HR. Obviously, being a kind of “NOW” business, inclusiveness and political correctness are part of their mission, hence Cameron spearheads the senior intern program. One of the intern hired is Ben.

Ben has been assigned to work with Jules … and Jules really doesn’t want anyone behind her coat-tail, that is until she develops a fondness of and dependence on Ben. Jules’s househusband is Matt (Anders Holm), who is understanding and supportive; he caters to every whim of their girl, Paige(JoJo Kushner). 

Ben becomes everyone’s uncle at work, and later Paige’s grandpa, cause he is calm, knowledgable, and dependable.

As the on-line store expanded, the company has to rely on venture capitalist to finance their growth… the VC demands that Jules hires a seasoned CEO asap.

So is Jules another J.C. Wiatt, who messed up becoming a success story, so that she can redeem her love for the family ? Would Meyers go for the cliché: husband Matt?

WATCH…and find out then.




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