SKIP:Hunger Games:Mockingjay(Part II) 2015

mj 2


First, I had no recollection of how part I ended, and secondly, with so many  YA franchises’ dystopian worlds, which I didn’t really care; I just wanted to watch how this one ended: have faith; Christian’s. In other words, heroic idealism as martyrdom, divine inspired heroism as Joan of Arc’s, or mere 21st century equality as woman leadership, was no rivalry against “true love” and blonde hair babies frolicking in the meadows. We visioned Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence)brain farted an inaudible, ” I am so f**king tired!”, followed with a fake smile, and a cathartic wind breaking she expelled a warm “motherly” glow extended beyond the plain in the midst of a golden pond, where reflective sparkles silhouetted Peeta (Josh Hutcherson) and her children…THE END.

OooKay, Millenials!  The morale is that your world is f**ked, but do remember having a family, husband, and babies are beatific, girl:  don’t fight! create  :  )

To make a long story short, apparently President Coin (Julianne Moore), and President Snow (Donald Sutherland) were using Katniss equally as their pawn , and she was the only one that was oblivious, rendered powerless, and muted. Quietly, she must go in exile, in the end.

I say, “WTF?”, how was one’s hard work, tenacity, and heroism being rewarded? obscurity! Men won’t do that. 

I must mention that Jennifer Lawrence was still one hell of a good actor; she manipulates  your emotions effortlessly. 

SKIP…unless the message resonant with your worldview of equity and equality.







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