WATCH: Unfriended (2015)

source: IMDb

source: IMDb

This film will get your attention immediately, especially for those subscribe to a daily 24/7 social media marathon. The entire film was shot in POV of a computer screen. It used all the common social media apps as the tool to slide and hammer out the story. The genuine ringtone would have you flipped your phone, or turned to your laptop to see if it wasn’t a real call from your cyber friend.

If you are a fan of gross-out violent attacks and dehumanizing tortures, then this is not for you. This is for those who like to spend time reading details and looking for clues:  iMessage conversations.

Skype replaces set and actors, so mostly you will only get headshots of the characters. The dark background of each little Skype square becomes a perfect milieu to add additional chill effects. Screen jumps among apps were not disorganized, so way better than those use shaky handy cam as filming medium. At least, watching this film won’t make you sick.

The story itself is no different from other teen’s prank films, where there is a dead victim , and a group of people is guilty by association. This sort of theme dates back to 1997’s I Know What You Did Last Summer , if not even earlier. It was the unknown facts that would draw you in, i.e., who really served the critical blow in cyberspace to kill our victim? In one scene the victim used cue cards to deliver her message to her bullies; it reminded us of Amanda Todd, who committed suicide after being cyber-bullied. She posted a Youtube video without audio, her message written on cardboards transitioning by dropping them one by one before she committed suicide.

The only thing unsettling for me is that I still didn’t know the how.Perhaps, that’s less important. Like no one ever questions the immortal Jason. Also, I must make believe that teenagers really can’t unplug for a second. If they do, it will solve a lot of problems, and this film will end before it starts.











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