WATCH: Signal(시그널)

source: IMDb

source: IMDb

Tired of North American’s crime thriller, sci-fi fantasy, or fairy tales monsters? Then maybe it’s time to watch some Korean police dramas. Signal(시그널) is definitely the one you should pick. Sure they don’t have fancy forensics, elaborated scenes, and famous actors; they are certainly just as or more entertaining. The only caveat is that you must succumb to your dislike of reading subtitles.

Whether it is America’s, Korea’s, Brazil’s TV dramas, a universal theme is common among them: big corporations are the power and economy of the country; corruptions are the norms; collusion among law enforcers and politician are a given. For the poor drugs, prostitution, and gangs are part of their daily lives. The poor is perfect for being the scapegoat of the riches’ committed crimes.

Gender equality is not part of their social conscience. So beware of constant harassment and abuses of women in these dramas. Sadly both men and women could be the perpetrators of these abuses. Being a patriarchal society elders have the most control.

The first time I saw the trailer I quickly associated it with Frequency (2000). Instead of a story between a father and son, in Signal(시그널) it’s about an older policeman and younger criminal profiler, who lived in two time-dimensions (1985 and 2015). They communicated each other with an old handheld radio at precisely 23:23. As with any film that deals with time and space, the clincher is the paradoxes that might change history and memory.

Signal(시그널)’s multiple narratives will bring all sort of incredulity from one episode to the next. Only at the very last few minutes, the denouement will be reviewed.

Watch! the series had won multiple Korean TV and Arts awards, and the actors were at their highest caliber and delivered some amazing performances.

P.S. Dramafever has the entire series on streaming.



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