WATCH: Sicario (2015)



Source: IMDb

A SWAT team raided a shed full of corpses buried inside dry walls. Kate Macer(Emily Blunt) the team leader deployed for hostages rescue. It ended with two dead team members when a wired bomb exploded. Kate and partner, Reggie Wayne(Daniel Kaluuya) were summoned to headquarter for debriefing, except they were sitting outside a sound-proofed glass conference room with six staid people sat around looked to be discussing the fate of the two rookies. Matt Graver(Josh Brolin) sat with beach sandals, a frivolity smile on his face asked Kate to volunteer for an op. under his direct command. She was lead to believe in locating those responsible for her teammates’ death.

This is another one of Canadian director’s, Denis Villeneuve, films that guarantee to be on many 50 best movies lists. Like any Villeneuve’s films, there is always an uneasy calmness that will raise your heartbeat up a notch, but yet not to the level of upset or discomfort. The cinematography is always exceptional in his films, where closeups, zoom-out landscapes, and background colours circumscribe the audience in a post-modern virtual cuboid without the need of any visual enhancing spectacles. You are literally sensing and seeing through the eyes of Villeneuve’s protagonists: Kate.

Although Kate is a rising star in the FBI, she is not jaded of the reality and the limitations of the laws of the land. Sometimes, things could be done by-the-book. For two hours you will suffocate with Kate of her inability to stay firm in a patriarchy system; her beliefs will be K.O.- ed.

At a CIA’s Delta force Op. that infiltrates the border between US and Mexico, Kate finally realizes she is just a tag-along to give some legitimacy of the operations: she is a federal agent with border control power.

The heart of the film is about how Mexican cartel was running the drug trade between US and Mexico. Innocent illegal immigrants were used and killed, and the Mexican border city depicted was a war-zone, where fusillades lighted up the twilight like fireworks. However, families carry on with their daily life desensitized of firecracker-like noises, and mutilated bodies hanging naked under an overpass.

Emily Blunt is another reason that you need to watch this film: Sicario (“hitman”)

WATCH…an excellently crafted movie you haven’t seen in a long time.


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