WATCH: The Hunt (2012)

the hunt


Let me start off saying, ” nothing happens in a vacuum.” Before you cast stones, think if it makes sense. Unfortunately today’s civil society, most judge first and think later, or not thinking at all.

The Hunt was based on this premise of judging first, and the story peeled off the unnerving consequences of an innocence act got blown out of proportion. To be exact, a bunch of  grown and mature men and women, who took a five year-old words for words, and weighted them against all rationale. Even best friends were blinded by the alleged accusations. Lucas(Mads Mikkelsen) is trying hard to fight the inflamed group think.

In 2012, I am frightened that this story had to be retold. Didn’t we confirm and validate that False Memory Syndrome was a real phenomenon, especially when dealing with permeable children. I am not arguing there aren’t true evil living among us, but the town people in The Hunt was stagnant in their understanding of human behaviours, and more importantly of true justice: assume innocent.

Lucas lost his job and was separated from his wife.  Marcus(Lasse Fogelstrøm), his son , lives with her mom. Lucas is now working in a Kindergarten, and all the kids adore him. His life seems to be back on track. He lives in a big house, passed on from generations. He has a dog, Fanny, that his best friend, Theo(Thomas Bo Larsen)’s daughter, Klara(Annika Wedderkopp) loves. She, a 5 year-old, also has a crush on Lucas. When she displays her amour for Lucas, he rejects it and tells her that it’s only okay for his parents, and no others. Heartbroken and sullen, she tells the headmaster that Lucas has shown her his penis, and it was erected (verbatim). 

The headmaster goes from denial, shock, …to neurosis and calls on a guy, of unknown credentials, to ask Klara if such disgusting think truly happened. Klara nods to the suggested white stuff came out of Lucas’s penis (verbatim). At this point, the headmaster vomits.

When Lucas confronts the headmaster for the details of the accusations, she denies them to him seemingly she can not indulge deal to the privacy of the victim, but turn around, she tells parents and other teachers that she believes Lucas did do all those awful things to Klara at the P-TM. Lucas is officially condemned after the meeting.

How is Lucas going to defend himself, if no one wants to listen to him? As time passes, he has become a total outcast of the town.

There was no derivatives of the unfolding drama, the film was linear: the hunter becomes the hunt.




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