WATCH: The Boss(2016)-Unrated



Melissa McCarthy did it again! Just like the Spy (2015) that I thought would be a silly James Bond’s knock-off, but I ended up liking it, and in fact a lot. At the same time, I thought The Boss would be an over-the-top-ha-ha-ha comedy, but it turned out to be something I may watch again. Some scenes performed and lines delivered were fresh and original.

Michelle (Melissa McCarthy), a multi-millionaire inspirational talkers with sold out shows from cities to cities. She owns several lucrative publicly traded companies. Her life suddenly turns upside down after being convicted of insider trading: mocking Martha Stewart. She is jailed for 5 months.

Michelle Darnell is an ingrate and cupidity is her brand. Money is her best friend as taught by her mentor, Ida Marquette(Kathy Bates). After her 5-month incarceration, she goes to her ex-assistant, Claire(Kristen Bell), home to gather her remaining estate: one cardboard banker box. Michelle admits to Claire that she has nowhere to turn. Claire’s daughter, Rachel (Ella Anderson) is quick to offer their hospitality.

This was a cliché “chests thumping” tale: girls are tough, and they can make IT. Perhaps it may empower some of its young audience. Within the girl power anthem, you will also find a tale of the “importance  of families”. One scene at Ida’s family reunion dinner, it takes “Money can buy anything” to the next level: a funniest scene I haven’t seen in a film for a long time. Bates and McCarthy were so natural that I wondered it was an improv between them.

The only thing I didn’t get was Bell being a bit subdued in her role, perhaps the director wanted a clear contrast between Claire and Michelle? Many times, I found Bell struggled between being serious and being funny. Not a big deal, since the lead was McCarthy, and her alone.

With Hollywood’s bradycardia films pumped out this year, The Boss was beyond my expectations.




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